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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Diffuse dangerous carcinogen into bread: Chemist named most dangerous food on table KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:31:30

So, the specialist, answering the question of which product can be called more harmful (butter or paste), clarified that the most important thing is compliance with safety regulations.

“Neither one nor the other is harmful, as long as the oil or spread complies with safety standards, and the person does not have an intolerance to milk,” the expert quotes a healthy diet.rf.

But this is true if you use products in an acceptable amount. Fats should provide up to 30% of the total calorie content of the diet, of which saturated fats, up to 10% of calories.

But what you really need to be careful of is “industrial trans fatty acids” (unfortunately, manufacturers don’t always write about this on the label). In fact, these are very harmful carcinogens that can be present in (but not all) spreads. Therefore, care should be taken when using such a product for sandwiches instead of butter. In many cases, it is a lottery.

“According to the milder WHO recommendations, a person should receive no more than 1% of the total daily caloric content from trans fats,” Vladimir Bessonov noted.

The specialist added that trans fats (trans isomers of vaccenic and rumenic acids) are also found in natural butter, but here they are of “absolutely natural origin”.

“These are not dangerous trans fats, on the contrary, they have valuable biologically active properties,” the expert concluded.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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