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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Digital profile of the entrepreneur: Companies have simplified access to State support measures

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 05:44:42

First question. What is a digital profile?

This is a selection of regional and federal programs and services for small and medium-sized businesses. Contains 800 data. Several departments are responsible for its creation at once: the Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Tax Service, the SME Corporation and the Bank of Russia. Two years ago a similar profile was launched for natural persons. Today it already has 23 million citizen consents.

Second question. Why do you need a digital profile?

In order to simplify the process for entrepreneurs to receive the support measures available on the SME.RF Digital Platform, mainly financial.

The launch of the digital profile will allow the Digital Platform to select and offer the entrepreneur the appropriate support measures for their business. Users will be able to feel the first effect of their work in the coming months. The creation of the profile was initiated by the Federal Pyme Corporation.

“The launch of a digital entrepreneur profile is a new convenient service for SMEs,” said Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia. – It will simplify the receipt of a large number of services and products in digital format, focused on this business segment. In turn, this will give new impetus to the development of the SME market.

Third question. What are the benefits of a digital profile?

– This will allow you to exclude more than 50 fields from the loan application form;

– you do not have to attach about 10 documents;

– the time for creating a request will be reduced from one day to 15 minutes;

– the verification of the application by the bank will also be simplified, since the data will be obtained from reliable state sources;

– it will be easier to apply for other financial support measures that require a lot of information, in particular state microcredits, grants and regional grants.

“The government’s experiment on data sharing between ministries and departments will help simplify the provision of support measures for companies on the SME.RF platform,” said Maxim Reshetnikov, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. – This is part of the systemic work of the Government to digitize the interaction between the State and businessmen.

Fourth question. What information is in a digital profile?

The common database already reflects information from the registers of individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, SMEs, as well as data on the availability of accounts, debts to the state, tax returns, financial statements and information from State Services. Of course, all data is protected.

Fifth question. How to use a digital profile?

To fill out a profile, an entrepreneur must give consent in his personal account on the SME.RF Digital Platform, and all the necessary information will automatically come from government agencies. These will then be included in support requests and used to suggest the most suitable products to users.

“By combining various data from government agencies, we create popular services and public services for citizens and businesses,” said Andrey Budarin, deputy head of the Federal Tax Service.

– The first steps in this direction were the development of a blockchain platform for preferential loan programs and a platform for the delivery of external data, which allows regional governments to quickly track the results of decisions made and federal executive authorities to build analysis. based on information around the world. Russia. Participating in the elaboration of a digital profile of an entrepreneur, we set ourselves the task of combining in it the maximum possible information of the moment to facilitate companies to receive state support measures. The digital profile will allow the company to reduce the time to find the necessary information on the support measures, and the state will proactively offer the entrepreneur the measures that specifically suit him.

The “Digital Profile” of a legal person is, in fact, a “one-stop shop” for a company, where the necessary information about the company is stored and can be used to receive support measures. The “Digital Profile” relieves the burden of the entrepreneurs themselves, banks, corporations, because all data is transferred automatically with the consent of the owner. Ultimately, the exchange of data between entrepreneurs, the financial sector and the state is even faster and more efficient,” said Maksut Shadayev, Minister of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

– This will eliminate the need to search for them, select them, compare the conditions with the parameters of your business, – said Alexander Isaevich, General Director of the SME Corporation. – All this will be assumed by the Digital Platform. The profile will have 18 different sets of information. Half of them are already available, the remaining data will appear in early 2023.


The SSP.RF digital platform is a state support platform for entrepreneurs and people who plan to start their own business. The platform was developed by the SME Corporation together with the Ministry of Economic Development with the participation of the entrepreneurs themselves to provide access to the necessary services and support measures in one place. It is being developed in accordance with the national project to support entrepreneurship, which is supervised by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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