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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Dina Korzun on the reasons for returning to Russia: “This is the safest place”

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:34:01

Dina Korzun returned to Russia. Photo: Zhenya Potakh.

Before the performance, I read in the advertisement: “Dina Korzun returned to Russia and to the profession after 20 years…”. This is not entirely true. First of all, she returned to Russia several years ago. Second, she did not leave the profession.

Yes, after the “Country of the Deaf”, in which the director Valery Todorovsky opened Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova in the late 90s, he starred a lot in the West: in America, France, England … Then he moved there with she. husband to live, as a result, 13 lived for years in England, then in Switzerland. She worked at the Royal National Theater in London.

Photo: Zhenya Potakh.

In the new play “How I Came to Consciousness,” there are pieces about these adventures of hers. She calls the genre of the production an autobiographical tragicomedy. In my opinion, this is a reflection, an analysis of one’s own experiences, emotions, losses … Like flashes, memories of his first love, the 1st role in the play according to Maeterlinck, about the first “fans” – some wandering woman. who chased her in a cafe. About how she was looking for answers to the questions, what is life, what is love? About her doubts: why did she go to the artist, if there is nothing to feed the child?

She remembers her childhood. Smolensk. 70’s Divorced parents. Dina, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother live in a communal apartment near the cemetery. Funeral processions to the sound of a brass band – this is a free local “theater”, where children ran to watch, and then argued who saw what. Questions arose: why the dead are among the children. And in general, why live if “flies or crawls, the end is known”…

Photo: Zhenya Potakh.

Memories of a grandmother: a war veteran and an old Bolshevik who was a lineman at the front and came to Berlin … The heroic grandmother, whom you can definitely be proud of, did not like Dina’s friends: because “they come to drink tea.” with sugar and from this pure losses”. Four women under one roof and not a single man… It’s hard.

And the father has a new family and a new daughter – Lenochka, whom he loves very much. All attention is on her. And he gave Dina only the strange name of Dianna, with two “n’s” in memory of her deceased beloved. Why was her father so indifferent to her? She unexpectedly appeared after the release of the screens “The Country of the Deaf.” I found my daughter, called: “Come to Smolensk, I will introduce you to my boss, he is your fan” … Then my father died suddenly, and pain crept into my soul because I did not speak to him, did not forgive him, I I missed For some reason, he always felt that his father owed him. What does he owe you? If he gave her life anyway. Life is the best gift…

Photo: Zhenya Potakh.

Through pain and suffering, through regret and betrayal, meanness and hostility, he became strong: “In this life, everyone has their own war. You just have to learn to forgive and be happy. And one more thing: what kind of relationship does a person have with God, such a relationship with his father.

A separate chapter is a meeting with Louis. Louis Frank is the husband of Dina Korzun. Belgian musician and composer. They met in 1995, 28 years ago, when Dina was a student at the Moscow Art Theater School. Louis came to Moscow as part of a group of American students to study Oleg Tabakov’s course at Studio School. And there he met Dina, who by then already had a son and was married. And then Louis went to Canada. For a year they did not see each other, they did not call each other, but there was not a day that they did not think of the other. A year later, Dina sent Louis a fax message. She answered. And a year later she told him: marry me…

Photo: Zhenya Potakh.

Here they are together on stage. Yes, they interact so synchronously in this plotless performance that there is no doubt: it is a very harmonious union. Louis does not draw attention to himself, he is a musician and singer, plays the electric piano, sings with a guitar in English, French, Russian … And at the same time remains in the shadow of his brilliant and exalted artist wife. As if he dissolved into the intricately woven material of her. “I want to believe that acting has a therapeutic effect, and this world has everything to make us better,” Dina is sure.

PS This was not mentioned in the performance, but recently Dina Korzun said in an interview: she returned to Moscow with Louis and her daughters in 2021. First of all, because in London I felt hostility, disrespect for the Russians. Second, due to severe restrictions during covid. Third, for the children. A psychologist came to his school-a man in a skirt and high heels-“Mr. Silva, please.” “Mother! He’s wearing a dress, but he’s definitely a man,” said the surprised children. “Sex education” lessons were imposed at school. And then Dina said to her husband: “Luis, I beg you… You see what’s happening in the world. Let’s go to Russia, it’s the safest place.”

Photo: Zhenya Potakh.

Where: Theater practice.

When: April 6, 7.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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