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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Director of the Norilsk Nickel Corporate University Roman Churaevsky: Digital skills have become a competitive advantage today

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 23:59:18

Photo: Andrei Minaev

– Roman Vladimirovich, Norilsk Nickel is a company that employs more than 80,000 people. How many of them are in corporate training at their university? And how do you motivate them to do it?

– There is no need to motivate especially, because we have a lot of applicants, every year we train more than 50 thousand employees. There are about 250 courses every day. In hours, every hour 10 people learned something.

– Norilsk Nickel employs both manual workers and administrative staff. Who is your program primarily for?

– Our target audience is all employees of the company. The corporate university also focuses on the development of professional competencies, both corporate and leadership. Even more than that: the audience goes beyond our company, because we are working very actively with partner universities, introducing our professional skills in development programs. And as part of the job orientation activities, schools in those regions in which we are present.

– What, as a rule, do people who come to you choose, in what directions are they interested?

– The addresses can be completely different. At SPIEF, we discussed that it would be great if corporate training systems could move the ratio between professional and non-professional skills towards corporate and “software” skills. Now, the company training system is very often dedicated to the fact that it completes the training of employees. Very often we close the basic things related to professional training.

Therefore, what we spend more resources on does not mean at all that it should be our priority in an ideal image of the world. If we now look at the resources (both financial and human) that we spend, 90 percent will be for basic training and permits. This is what it takes for the employee to just get to work. This, of course, is not our goal, we would like greater participation in activities and events aimed at developing the profession. This will allow us to improve the employee’s interprofessional competencies and make him more successful.

– Is it true that today the so-called “soft skills” (leadership, communication skills) are more important than real professional knowledge?

– Let’s not exaggerate. This is generally a western school in which “software” is a guarantee of its social success. Yes, it can be just a doctor, or it can be a great doctor, customer-oriented, able to find a common language with patients, attract the best people to his team and provide high-quality service. But still, this doctor must have basic education and professional skills. This is the foundation.

– There is a common opinion that now, in a constantly changing world, you need to learn all your life. Are you still studying personally?

– Certainly! We learn everything at once. Because our clients come with completely different requests. Financiers, human resources and surveyors come to us. And we have to, to find the right solution for them, go deeper into the subject.

Also, now I am very interested in digital skills. Norilsk Nickel has now launched a large project on digital financial assets. Again, artificial intelligence is on the agenda. By the way, a neural network was recently asked to draw us an engineer from the past and the future. She coped with the task, drew the evolution.

In general, this is interesting and you have to understand that digital skills are becoming a competitive advantage today. Yesterday I literally asked the neural network: compare the profile of an engineer in 2015 and 2023. She did it in 30 seconds. Well, we understand that any employee, even the most dexterous and hard-working, who knows how to surf the Internet almost at lightning speeds and work with information, would still need at least half an hour or an hour. This is the most dexterous. The neural network did it ten times faster.

– It would be interesting to ask what the profile will be, for example, in 2030 or 2035.

– I also asked him this question. The neural network sees a future perspective in what is now called meta-competences, that is, abilities in the intersection of areas of knowledge, intercultural communication, and ecology. But we understand that the neural network is building a forecast in the background of yesterday. So things can still change.

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