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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Dmitry Dibrov restarts Anthropology, Larisa Guzeeva will read love letters. First he launched a line of late-night shows

Date: January 27, 2023 Time: 13:25:37

In general, there is nothing new in the now popular genre of podcasts. In fact, this is a recording of a certain conversation on a microphone. Which you can listen to (and now download). In the Soviet years, there were even performances on the radio, so this will not surprise anyone. Therefore, VJ Vasily Strelnikov, who tried to actively organize a podcaster community in Russia in the 2000s, did not find public interest. However, time has passed, imitation of the West has again become a trend, and now everyone and everyone records podcasts (and sometimes even “cloudy”): TV presenters (Agata Muceniece), boxers (Grigory Drozd) and actors ( Vyacheslav Manucharov), comedians (Ivan Abramov, Slava Komissarenko), film critics and musicians (Anton Belyaev), etc. Now a podcast means a calm and thoughtful author’s conversation, uninhibited, on serious topics or vice versa, emphatically frivolous.

The podcast made it to television. On TNT, humorously, monologues dispersed the format as part of the Talk project.

And now Channel One decided to experiment in this direction and released a line of PODCAST.LAB programs (perhaps the producers were inspired by the name of the LAB music podcast by Anton Belyaev, a participant in the Voice program). In it, podcasts will be led by experts in every way: in the field of music, in the field of TV shows, and in the field of sex.

And the most interesting thing here is not even the boring opinions of speakers or experts, but how our stars will manifest themselves unexpectedly. For example, Valery Syutkin will show the skill of improvisation and the gift of the composer, and will try to compose a new hit for frivolous bloggers right on the air. Leonid Yakubovich will take the soul, forgetting about the drum and pickles for one night, and will talk about his passion – airplanes and piloting.

Dmitry Dibrov will remember the glorious times of Anthropology, when the most progressive musicians in the range from Zemfira and the Forbidden Drummers to BG, Oleg Mityaev and Oleg Yankovsky came to visit him. Now the presenter, who has become rather gray-haired, somewhat reminiscent of Alexander Shirvindt, will try, if not to revive the Anthropology format, then he will try to rethink it in a new way, combining the incongruous.

“Of course, it won’t be that ancient Anthropology in its purest form,” Dibrov emphasizes. “Because that Anthropology was nocturnal, it was in black and white, and everything that was in the study acquired the property of a document. I am glad that this story is now starting on Channel One. This is an incredible combination of what you will not see anywhere else except right now, because the essence of “Anthropology” is in improvisation. Therefore, it is necessary to hurry in every problem. It is extremely important that this improvisation has an unpredictable development even for us. We don’t mean to stop at music alone, although, of course, there is a great hunger for it. The first thing we would like to do is amazing improvisations, combinations of genre musicians. We want to combine folk musicians with techno bass, techno drive, club music. We want to show how the mystical energy of folkloric singing coexists with the drive and modern rhythms. This is exactly what the public will see on Christmas Eve. We also intend to work with jazz.

Host of the program “Let’s get married!” and “Voice.60 +” Larisa Guzeeva will practice what she knows best: bedroom affairs. Her podcast is called Letters.

“We live in a world of SMS and short messages, when they write “priv” instead of “hello”, Guzeeva is sure. – What it is? My podcast is a reminder that there is another epistolary genre. There can be so much fantasy, illusions and reality in the lyrics! Therefore, I am interested in this podcast, within its framework there is an opportunity to discover something new for me, an opportunity to get in touch with the beautiful. I have been friends with Katya Rozhdestvenskaya for many years and I know that her father Robert wrote lovely and touching letters to his wife Alla. Or the great actor Georgy Burkov, who was madly in love with his wife Tanya from him. The podcast is about these lyrics, this tenderness and soul, casting doubt on the formation of relationships. I really want to talk about this spirit. I do not urge young people to take their heads, but water wears away stone.

“Podcast. Lab”, First, daily, 0.30 (or 1.00)

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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