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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Territory: “Tourism is becoming a separate direction for the development of the region’s economy”

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 13:09:17

Photo: Andrey MINAEV

Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin visited the open studio of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda at the Eastern Economic Forum, where he spoke about the development prospects of the region.


– Dmitry Nikolaevich, the Perm region is known for its large mineral reserves and heavy industry. How have the last two and a half years affected the development of the regional economy?

– The Perm region is known not only for the production of potassium and oil, it is known not only for its heavy industry, we are actively developing such areas as robotics, digital technology, high-tech production… Despite the sanctions pressure, The investment climate is not getting worse. He’s only getting better. Investing activity is increasing. We see this as an increase in the number of investment projects with the same priorities. The “priority” status allows the investor to take advantage of support measures such as an investment tax deduction, obtaining land without bidding, and also receiving administrative support for an investment project.

Today, the register includes almost 80 priority investment projects with an investment volume of more than 600 billion rubles and the creation of more than 10 thousand jobs. It should be noted that almost half of the investments have already been made by companies and more than 5 thousand jobs have been created. Most PIPs are implemented in the manufacturing industry. However, lately more and more projects have appeared in the business, tourism, sports, road services, etc. fields.

We have already formed a group of potential residents for the Perm Special Economic Zone, the volume of investments in new production of which is estimated at tens of billions of rubles. The necessary engineering infrastructure for the SEZ is currently being prepared. Furthermore, we see an increase in the industrial production index. At the end of 2022, we rank sixth in the country and first in the Volga Federal District in terms of growth in the number of small businesses: individual entrepreneurs, small business forms. Growth continues in 2023. All this indicates that the regional economy is stable and can withstand all sanctions pressures.

We are opening new markets for ourselves. If before we had to convince large customers, large holding companies and Russian state corporations that our products are competitive, now we really don’t have to. We receive not only new orders, but also orders for new developments.

Our key partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America remain. This is not only the supply of potassium and oil, petroleum products, but also the supply of pumps for the production of hydrocarbons, personal protective equipment, robots, etc.

– How do you see the potential growth points for the region?

– What we are promoting now, I repeat, is a Special Economic Zone. The growth points here are mechanical engineering and aviation engines. The holding company “Russian Helicopters” of the Rostec State Corporation has started construction of a new building at the Reduktor-PM company in Perm, in which transmission units of promising helicopters and drones will be tested. This will allow the company to increase production volumes and expand its product line. We are finalizing a new workshop for RD-191 space engines (developed for the Russian “Angara” – “KP” family of launch vehicles). We see the development of companies operating in the oil industry, in terms of hydrocarbon production, this includes non-magnetic steel, pumps, special fluids, submersible cables; All of these companies grow 30% annually.

– That is, not only is production being developed…

– No. When the oil industry was under pressure, this happened after the G7 announced a price ceiling, the price of oil went down and our oil workers delayed their income tax payments. But in general, we recorded that total income tax payments to the regional budget did not decrease as much as we expected. Thanks to our small and medium-sized businesses paying income tax.

At the EEF we met with the Indian ambassador and agreed to expand cooperation so that Perm companies locate and create production in India. This will expand the sales market and get financing from Indian banks. One of those companies is the Meridian company, which produces closures. Previously, they produced bottle caps (of course, they should produce them too!), replacing the Chinese manufacturer. But then the company got its bearings and realized that it was capable of creating various types of high-tech equipment. The company’s turnover in this area already amounts to 4 billion rubles. Now the company has about 60 engineers. These non-standard solutions are not exclusive to us, but contribute to some extent to the development of the internal regional product.


– There is one more area that could contribute to the development of your region. The Perm region has huge tourism potential. The Chusovaya River alone is worth…

– Perm turned three hundred this year and a huge number of events were held. This allowed us to become leaders in hotel room occupancy. Our international airport “Bolshoye Savino” has reached the level of 2 million passengers (it is necessary to consult with the Ministry of Transport).

We participate in all programs of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia that are aimed at the development of tourism. We won competitions and received funding for the Perm tourist code, for the creation of modular hotels and glamping sites. We have three capital-intensive projects with the Tourism.RF Corporation, for example, the development of a ski resort in Gubaja, which actually consists of the construction of new four-star hotels and the construction of transport and engineering infrastructure for the complex.

There is a lot to see in Perm. We have a unique natural landscape, many rivers, the main one being the Kama. You mentioned the Chusovaya River – tourist rafting on it is known far beyond the region. There are museums, theater, ballet… Many plans for the development of tourism.

We are at the stage of completing the implementation of several berthing walls for river tourism (the implementation of various berthing infrastructure objects, we are not implementing berthing walls), the history of cruise ships is developing, right along the Kama and the historical settlements located in it. . This is Usolye and Khokhlovka, an open-air architectural and ethnographic museum. The Perm agglomeration has already developed docking infrastructure. Zakamsk, Krasnokamsk… We plan to develop with the Vodokhod company, our key partner. Simple figures: the number of cruise tourists who arrived in the Perm region on ships of this company has already exceeded the previous year by 41% and amounted to about 9 thousand people. This is not the only cruise we have. Tourism is becoming a separate area of ​​regional economic development.

– Across the country, the population is decreasing. How do you attract people to your region?

– We need to create conditions, first of all, for young people. Comfortable urban environment. Our task was to completely transform Perm for the 300th anniversary. I think we have achieved it comprehensively. In addition, it is necessary to create opportunities to obtain prestigious education in high-paying professions. We see an increase in enrollment in our technical schools. If young people, after the 9th grade, enter a secondary specialized educational institution, then 95% of graduates find employment in their specialty and remain in their homeland.

Our task is to develop universities. Pre-design decisions are being made on the creation of an interuniversity university campus in Perm for 5 thousand people. This project was supported by the federation as part of a national project, we appreciate this decision. Our task is to create and build this campus by 2027-2028.

We cannot but rejoice at the change in the policy of large industrial companies that are fighting for highly qualified personnel and personnel. Together with companies, we are developing different approaches to workers’ pay levels and free time. The task of regional authorities is to help businesses in this and create a certain “movement” in the region. We are making a lot of efforts to make Perm and Permsky truly comfortable and modern: we are creating infrastructure in all areas of the city, improving public spaces, renovating industrial areas, relocating dilapidated and dilapidated housing, and preserving cultural heritage sites.

A few days ago the All-Russian Forum of Young Workers was held in Perm. We discussed with young people what is needed to maintain employment and develop not only in the regional capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in small working-class towns with a population of 20 to 40 thousand people. It is clear that there is also potential in those territories. It is important that authorities work together with businesses to create a unified whole in terms of motivating people to stay in their localities and be useful there.

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