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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Dmitry Nazarov, latest news for January 24, 2023: the actor lost the main role in the new film

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:53:17

Dmitry Nazarov lost the role of Kisa Vorobyaninov in the new adaptation of “12 chairs” due to his scandalous statements.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Disgraced with anti-Russian songs and provocative interviews, Dmitry Nazarov continues to be written off: performances with the actor’s participation are closed, and he himself, together with his wife Olga Vasilyeva, was fired from the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov.

Yes, and Nazarov is no longer expected in the cinema: as it became known on KP.RU, the artist lost the main role in the new version of the comedy “12 chairs”. In the new film, he was supposed to play Kisa Vorobyaninov, while Dmitry Nagiyev-Ostap Bender. This was told to us by the director of the film Petr Zelenov, known for his work as a film editor in the films “Legend No. 17” and “Upward Movement”.

– The project itself is now on pause, we have a question with the replacement of the artist. Dmitry Nazarov will not remain in the film, no one wants to take risks, Petr Zelenov admitted. – I do not want to rest in any personal relationship, but I am a patriot of my country, and of course, I am not happy with everything that happened. I will tell you honestly: I am a pro-Russian person, I am for the president. And for me, what Dmitry Nazarov did is a huge blow. Unfortunately. I can, and luckily, who knows…

– Has Nazarov already been notified of his resignation?

– If you know. Although even without this, everything is obvious. All investors who are now looking in our direction, first of all, filed a lawsuit to remove Nazarov from the project. It was essential.

We started filming the project in 2019 and stopped it at the same time. The film was affected by the coronavirus and related financial problems: when the pandemic hit, the investors disappeared. So, the film has not yet been shot, literally several scenes are ready, including those with the participation of Nagiyev and Nazarov. In my opinion, Dmitry Nagiyev is quite suitable for the role of Ostap Bender. And I am sure that this can be the best role of him.

Yes, and Nazarov, it must be admitted, was harmonious in the role of Vorobyaninov. And even natural human anger from him was very useful, because I have a completely different reading of this story – it’s not about Gaidai or Zakharov. We have plans not only for a full meter, but also for a series of six episodes. And we didn’t have to invent anything. The script is based on the first edition of a book from 1927, in addition to the notebooks we reviewed. Imagine, there is a whole chapter, which was finally removed, about the pre-revolutionary adventures of Kisa Vorobyaninov, starting with the gymnasium. And my film begins with these adventures, quite unexpected.

– Who could become the new Kisoy, he thought?

– Yes, of course, I thought. Until I speak, we are negotiating.

– And what are the chances of the movie being released?

– I burned and burned this project. After all, apart from Anna Karenina, the classics are not reshot at all. We are now trying to get government funds for this project and I hope all goes well.

For some reason I am sure that the country needs comedies, and high quality comedies, good humor and not jokers. I also feel like the movie has hit a wall. It’s time to return to the best examples of French and Italian cinema, to its golden age. Keep in mind that Americans re-photograph their paintings every 20-25 years, and this is normal. And we began to make noise and ruckus: how is it, they invaded the sacred. Meanwhile, the new generation hardly knows Filippov, Gomiashvili, Mironov, Papanova … They will not watch such films, but they know Nagiyev, and I am sure they will watch them with pleasure. We are forced to reshoot the classics, this is our treasure, and it lies in the bins and collects dust …

Remember that 65-year-old Dmitry Nazarov lost his job in the theater because of unpatriotic songs in which he criticized the SVO and spread false information. In addition, Nazarov gave an interview, where he announced his support for the actor Anatoly Bely, who had left for Israel, and that many of the Moscow Art Theater had left; however, he declined to name names. Such statements led not only to the dismissal of the actor, but also to inspections in the capital’s theaters.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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