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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Dmitry Nazarov, who escaped from Russia, took refuge with friends and earns money with ugly people

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:48:26

Actor Dmitry Nazarov

Photo: Ivan VISLOV

Actor Dmitry Nazarov, 65, together with his wife and artist Olga Vasilyeva-Nazarova, 55, left for Israel. Where they settled with friends.

In Russia, the public refused to attend performances without a repertoire with the participation of the Nazarovs: like the organizers of the tour and the owners of the venues, they were all outraged by the unpatriotic position of Nazarov and his wife. Then the couple was fired from the State Theater of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov. Then Nazarov was removed from the already approved film roles. After that, the artists fled from Russia to Israel.

At one of the film premieres of the week, former colleagues told kp.ru: “The Nazarovs have settled in the apartment of acquaintances so far, so they do not pay money for rent for Israeli housing. Concerts were arranged for them by managers who usually tour on behalf of Russians. The rooms, for example, are the same ones that Lena Vorobey had on tour three months ago, but she also “took” Tel Aviv. Nazarov will not be in Tel Aviv, he will not gather a large room.

Dmitry Nazarov and his wife are going to read and sing their clumsy vulgar Russophobia. According to acquaintances of the couple, seven shows are scheduled for March in six cities. Average ticket price: 4 – 5 thousand rubles, by local standards, inexpensive. As the halls are small, 60% of the tickets are sold. Income from ticket sales (average) – 1 million 600 thousand rubles. Taking into account payments for the rental of the hall, the interests of the organizer, the artists will receive about 700 thousand rubles for two.

At the same time, the actor continues to receive a pension of almost 60 thousand rubles per month, taking into account the capital allowance of 30 thousand for the title of People’s Artist. The family has savings, since Nazarov was the star of the TV series “Kitchen” (2012-2020), thanks to which he received advertising contracts. Nazarov also starred in other projects, serials. The day of shooting the artist was 200 thousand rubles. For the performance, Nazarov received 150 – 160 thousand rubles per output. For private performances and concerts, the fee was 200-300 thousand rubles. At home, the artist has a country house and an apartment, which have not yet been rented.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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