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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Dmitry Peskov: The main thing is to convince Yerevan and Baku to abandon forceful methods

Date: July 19, 2024 Time: 01:49:00

Unfortunately, the current rise in tensions and the resumption of hostilities pose a serious challenge.


On Tuesday, September 19, an official representative of the Kremlin held a briefing for representatives of the Russian and foreign media; The conversation was mainly devoted to the situation related to the aggravation around Karabakh.

“We are really concerned about the sharp escalation of tensions and the outbreak of hostilities,” Peskov said. – The first thing for us, in the context of the military operation carried out by the armed forces of Azerbaijan, is to ensure the safety of the civilian population of Karabakh. Of course, we are talking about the Armenian population. To do this, all necessary measures must be taken. We are in contact with both the Armenian side and the Azerbaijani side. First of all, of course, our military is now working to return the solution process to the political and diplomatic channel. For this, the only substantial basis is the trilateral documents from two or three years ago, signed between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Therefore, we encourage everyone to follow the provisions of these documents. And naturally, taking into account these new realities, this means the recognition by the Armenian side of the territory of Azerbaijan starting in 1991. Hard work is currently being done. The main thing is to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of Karabakh. Prevent human casualties. We read with regret the news that victims of this type are already occurring. And the main thing is to convince both Yerevan and Baku to abandon forceful methods and come to the negotiating table.

Then the press secretary answered the questions of the political observer of Komsomolskaya Pravda…

… – Dmitry Sergeevich, we remember that in previous times, when similar grievances occurred, the President of Russia communicated very closely and quickly with both Pashinyan and Aliyev. Have there been such contacts now? And are they planned in the next few hours? And the second question: are you going to increase the size and power of our peacekeeping contingent?

– I have already said that, first of all, now contacts are made through our military. And also through other departments. Communications are also coordinated at a higher level. As final agreements are reached, we will promptly inform you of such contacts. Including possible contacts at the highest level. This is the first one. Regarding the increase in our contingent of peacekeepers, this decision, first of all, is made by our military and they formulate proposals. And, of course, this is subject to agreement with all countries. Here only the military can provide any kind of experience on the feasibility of such an increase. But I repeat once again, our army continues its work to truly restore peace to this region.

– But how does President Putin evaluate the work of our peacekeepers in this region?

– The peacekeepers fulfill their functions, but, nevertheless, the situation remains difficult. Unfortunately, we see that the current increase in tension and the resumption of hostilities constitute a serious challenge and, above all, a serious threat to the civilian population.


– Will the Kremlin offer additional conditions to reach an agreement? Türkiye proposed holding a quadrilateral meeting. Is there anything similar in the plans?

– The fact is that there is a fairly solid and viable basis for reaching an agreement. These are the same three documents I mentioned. On the basis of these documents, an agreement can and should be reached on the return to political and diplomatic measures. Therefore, for now we focus on them.

– Does the Kremlin know anything about the status of the Russian peacekeeping mission? A strike was reported at your location. And in general, is the mission now somehow involved in the agreement?

– I was just talking about this. (See the answer to the question “KP” above) They are in direct contact with the parties, our army. And this is now his main role. All contacts are made mainly through the military. So far we have no information that anything has happened that threatens the lives of our blue helmets. Of course, this is another important priority for us.

– You said that a week ago Pashinyan wrote a letter to Putin. Were there other contacts between the President and the Prime Minister of Armenia before today?

– It was not me who said it, but President Putin himself, in Vladivostok. In fact, there was a detailed letter outlining the Armenian side’s point of view on what was happening. In addition, intensive work was underway at that time to resume the flow of humanitarian aid to Karabakh. And, to our satisfaction, since yesterday this work has been crowned with success. And the first parties headed in two directions along the Agdam-Lachin highway. But, unfortunately, this did not prevent us from resuming hostilities. Since then there have been no further contacts. But I repeat once again, other contacts are being agreed, we will inform you.

– Baku claims that it informed Russia in advance about plans to launch this operation. It was like this? Did Baku warn Russia?

– I cannot confirm that they have notified us in advance.

– Armenian Ambassador Marukyan said it was the United States’ turn to decide what measures would be used to resolve the conflict in Karabakh. How was this statement received in the Kremlin?

– There should be no queue here. There must be concrete efforts based on a tangible real basis, a legal framework that allows a peaceful solution to be reached. From our point of view, such a possibility exists. These are the same agreements on which we base our actions. We continue our contacts with both Baku and Yerevan.


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