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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Do you know how to understand your payroll?

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 15:05:05

Understanding the payroll corresponding to your job position as a salaried worker also means knowing that our gross salary is reflected in this document and our gross salary is important. This document contains all the information related not only to what we charge, but also to what we contribute to Social Security and the personal income tax that is deducted from us.

Our salary is made up of the base salary, the minimum payment that corresponds to our job category, salary supplements and, if it is prorated, the extra pay that corresponds to us. There are two per year if we charge them separately from the monthly salary.

Later, to this base or gross salary, it will be necessary to restore the withholdings, such as the IPRF, which is the amount that is discounted from us in order to present the annual income, and Social Security contributions.

The labor expert Eva Soto Porto has published on LinkedIn a very easy to understand image to see what kind of concepts should be reflected in our payroll. Of course, as she herself warned, it is possible that there are changes or other data reflected depending on the company and the job.

What concepts are made up of a payroll?

In the header it must be, without fail, the CIF and the company data. Next, our own personal data must be collected, among which the days worked and the period to which the payroll corresponds must be specified.

Later, the income will be reflected, that is, the base salary and salary supplements (they can be overtime, incentives, bonuses for dangerousness or night work, seniority…). Right after that, the withholdings will appear: the contribution for common contingencies, for unemployment and for training. Here will also appear the percentage that corresponds to us of IRPF according to our contract, number of payments, etc. The percentages of each of these concepts must be explicit next to the own withholding.

At the end, the total amount of income and the total amount of deduction will appear, to later reflect the final calculation and, therefore, the net salary. That is, what we will charge clean and complete that month.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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