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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Doctors in Europe rejected cancer patient Valentin Yudashkin

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 00:33:12

The daughter of the eminent couturier Galina Yudashkina revealed the details of her father’s serious illness.


Valentin Yudashkin has been fighting a serious illness for many years. The eminent couturier was diagnosed with oncology in 2016. Since then, the master has undergone several operations. The other day, the only daughter of Valentin Abramovich for the first time in a long time commented on the status of her eminent father.

Valentin Yudashkin’s daughter said that now her father is much better. However, Galina noted that she is too early to rejoice.

“The situation has moved towards improvement. Doctors also give positive forecasts. We are fighting and never stopped. The disease did not interfere in any way, it only strengthened our family. We pushed it all the time , tired. And here no. let’s take it down a notch. Let’s not let it loosen up,” the heiress star told blogger Madonna Moore.

According to her, Russian doctors played an important role. Valentin Abramovich learned of a terrible diagnosis – kidney cancer – nine years ago. Soon the metastases traveled throughout the body and reached the brain.

Then the family wanted to send Yudashkin for treatment abroad. But none of the foreign clinics took on a difficult case.

“We sent dad’s documents abroad, but no one took them. Now they are helping him at the cancer center in Kashirka, but there are other clinics. The drugs he uses now are Russian-made. They improved his condition …” Yudashkina shared .

Please note that the teacher spoke honestly about his illness in 2021 back. He described in detail what he had to go through in cancer treatment. “At first, there was kidney cancer, then metastases were found in the head. Due to kidney cancer, the metastases spread throughout the body and very quickly. They spread in about a year. Then there was a long road in the dunes : sometimes a little better, then again … So many things got into me, like in a minefield!”, He shared the details of the teacher’s illness.

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