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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Doctors saved the life of Stas Sadalsky: “He arrived from intensive care!”

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 17:07:08

Stanislav Sadalsky spent a day in the intensive care unit. He is now recovering as usual. He will be home in a couple of days. Photo: Sadalsky Telegram Channel.

Stas Sadalsky spent a day in intensive care, but the danger to life had already passed – the doctors saved the artist. On the night of January 24, Sadalsky, 71, was hospitalized by ambulance, taken to the Botkin hospital, where he was placed in the intensive care unit. On the evening of January 25, Stas Sadalsky was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward, and he was able to use the phone, reporting on social networks about his well-being and miraculous salvation. What happened to the honored artist?

Many misinterpreted Sadalsky’s words, suggesting that the actor went home straight from intensive care. However, Stanislav Yuryevich is still in the hospital: he was simply transferred from intensive care, after which the artist began to thank the doctors and was able to use the phone. In a few days Sadalsky will be home, but for now he is recovering. On January 20, Sadalsky flew from Georgia: he went to the funeral of Vakhtang Kikabidze. On the night of January 24, Stanislav Yuryevich called an ambulance – there were sharp pains, a drop in pressure. Diagnosed with internal bleeding. According to the artist’s assumption, the reason for this is: taking anticoagulant drugs, the abuse of lemon and ginger, worries, the death of friends … At first, the bleeding did not stop, but the doctors stabilized the situation.

On January 25, Stanislav Sadalsky told subscribers on his Telegram channel: “I am back with you and in touch again after a small loss of blood on the “battlefield”. He arrived from intensive care, and then millions of calls and messages. I can’t answer everything, but I am grateful to each and everyone for their prayers and support. Love you! Many thanks to the Botkinskaya doctors – they warmed me up, cured me. And there was something to patch. The artist thanked the doctors, and was also pleased with the state of the capital’s clinic: “The state of the hospital is excellent.”

Sadalsky showed his camera. Photo: Sadalsky Telegram Channel.

The play “The Miserly Papik” in Murmansk with the participation of Stanislav Sadalsky was postponed from January 25-26 to May 17-18. Sadalsky asks viewers not to give up their tickets and promises viewers the third branch as a bonus in May. But on February 6-7, the doctors promised to let Sadalsky go on tour to Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk.

However, the well-deserved artist Sadalsky is expected to have a lot of riots ahead of him. People’s artist Tatyana Kravchenko told kp.ru that she was suing Sadalsky: “What Sadalsky said about our theater is a monstrous lie. What he says about me is vile and offensive nonsense. It is also not true that the performance was interrupted because of me. There was no fault. They brought another actress in my place. I am suing Sadalsky for defamation.” Earlier, Stanislav Sadalsky hinted on social networks that Kravchenko did not come on tour to St. Petersburg with the non-repertoire performance “The Highlight of the Season” due to problems with alcohol. Sadalsky and Kravchenko play the main roles in this performance. Tatyana Eduardovna said that she refused to go on the same stage with Sadalsky because he spreads gossip about the Lenkom Theater, where she works, and insults theater director Mark Varshaver. Kravchenko has no intention of forgiving the accusations and is serious about going to court. Stanislav Sadalsky does not lose his good humor: he jokes that he ended up in intensive care because of the “witchcraft” of ex-girlfriend Tatyana Kravchenko.

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