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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Doctors: This sensation at night will indicate the need to urgently check the heart KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 15:15:41

By the way, it can develop not only due to heart disease, but also against the background of alcoholism, drug addiction, diseases of the endocrine system, drug overdose, previously explained the head of the department of myocardial diseases and heart failure. from Russian. Research and Production Complex of Cardiology Professor Sergey Tereshchenko.

Heart failure is common, but many people don’t know the symptoms.

One of them is orthopnea. This is the appearance of shortness of breath in the supine position.

“For most patients with orthopnea, the severity of the problem will vary depending on their sleeping position. Discomfort and shortness of breath are usually increased when lying on your back in bed,” Pronews reports, citing experts, noting that many Heart failure patients wake up in the middle of the night due to severe shortness of breath.

Upon awakening, this condition may be accompanied by coughing, wheezing, palpitations, and a feeling of suffocation.

Earlier, the independent chief specialist therapist of the Russian Ministry of Health, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Oksana Drapkina, noted atypical signs of heart disease. It is dangerous to ignore an acute reaction to cold air.

“Any chest pain that occurs when breathing cold air is a serious reason to think about possible heart disease,” the specialist emphasized.

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