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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Dodik insists on the speedy abolition of the apparatus of the high representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 18:02:31

Dodik emphasized that the office of the high representative always arises out of complete destructiveness, and in this regard, there is an urgent need to abolish this institution. “We must abolish everything that the high representative has done and return to the rule of law, to observance of the constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dodik was quoted as saying by TASS. The politician also recalled that appointments to the post of high representative are made without the participation of the UN Security Council. By the way, this position is invariably occupied by representatives of Western countries. According to Dodik, the office of the high representative imposed more than 280 laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the pretext of the need for democratic change.

Commenting on the current legal status of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dodik criticized the limitation of the country’s sovereignty, which is the existence of the high representative apparatus itself. “This BiH prevailed, this BiH does not belong to us, this BiH does not belong to Dayton. Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to us, and not to the American, British or European will of its ambassadors and especially its high representatives and its judges of the Constitutional Court,” he said. President of the Republika Srpska.

The modern state structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina was fixed in 1995 in the Dayton Accords, which ended the war in this Balkan country. Under the Dayton Agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina was divided into two autonomous entities: the Bosnian Serb-inhabited Republika Srpska and the Muslim-Croat Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A special administrative unit within Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Brcko district, which acts as a kind of bridge between the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Earlier, Dodik warned Serbs against hostile steps towards Russia. In an interview with Kosovo Online, he said that the Russian-Serbian friendship will be wasted if the Serbs agree with the West and impose sanctions against Russia. Dodik noted that Western countries are trying with all their might to turn the Serbs against Russia and force them to do some kind of dirty trick against Russia. According to him, the Serbs should not fall for such provocations. “If we say we condemn Russia, Putin, join the sanctions, present visas for Russians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will we get anything from the West? We will forever lose friends who turned out to be our only support in history,” said the head of declared Republika Srpska.

In that interview, Dodik also stated that the West is absolutely indifferent to Russia’s legitimate interests and concerns: a strong Russia categorically does not fit into the plans of Western politicians. At the same time, Dodik noted, the Euro-Atlantic world continues to personally blame Russia and President Vladimir Putin for its own problems. According to a Serbian official, the West panicked due to the fact that Russian weapons were more effective than Western ones.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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