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Friday, February 3, 2023
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Dressed in mourning, Volochkova made a desperate statement about the loss

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 13:40:58

Anastasia Volochkova.

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

Anastasia Volochkova reported a terrible loss. A dancer dressed in mourning was having fun at a party, after which one of her diamond earrings disappeared without a trace. Everything would be fine, but Nikolai Baskov presented her with exclusive handmade jewelry.

Anastasia Volochkova said that she was incredibly embarrassed in front of Nikolai Baskov. The All-Russ ballerina with the performer of the hit “Street Organ” at one time had a romantic relationship. The golden voice of Russia is famous for its generosity and breadth of soul. She gave the artist a snow-white piano, a ring worth many millions of rubles, or exclusive earrings made of white gold with black diamonds.

In her interviews, the blonde who dances to this day speaks of her ex-lover exclusively with warmth. And just the other day, the People’s Artist of Russia announced a disaster. Volochkova, dressed in mourning, personally told about her misadventures and her irreplaceable loss.

A rowdy dancer was having fun at a party and then disaster struck. His favorite jewel was not in his ear. Once upon a time, it was the “natural blond” who presented the beauty with indescribably beautiful earrings.

Anastasia Volochkova.

“The trouble and my great disappointment happened because I lost my earring. And these earrings were given to me by my dear friend Kolya Baskov. I dare not tell him about this loss … These earrings are very important to me,” laments a well-known woman. because of his unbridled temperament.

The ballerina is also worried that everything happened before her grandiose wedding with the virtuoso confectioner Dmitry. Being a copy of Nicholas II, the businessman is engaged in the production of sugar-free sweets. The lovers decided to hold a wedding in Lapland or Upper Ustyug. However, the happiness of the pigeons was prevented by the deer, or rather by their complete absence.

“Now we have a problem: we found a sleigh, but there are no deer. Who will find us three deer? They are very necessary! I want to make a fairy tale out of this! Under no circumstances, the twine queen.”

Before the wedding, the bride and groom will go to the Maldives to celebrate the dancer’s birthday. So the couple still has time to acquire artiodactyls.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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