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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Dresses for a million and excess baggage for 300 thousand: how much Russia pays to participate in Miss Universe

Date: January 29, 2023 Time: 05:47:36

Anna Linnikova will represent Russia in the beauty contest “Miss Universe 2023”

Photo: MOSCOW City News Agency

For the third day, New Orleans shines with beauty and nervousness: 90 beauties from all over the world come to the United States for the Miss Universe pageant, the final of which will take place on January 14. Russian Anna Linnikova is also about to appear on the base and will be ready to win over the jury with her talent, her hip gait and of course the outfits: a Romanov-era national dress and evening gown. made of ten of thousands of Swarovski crystals.

“To win!”. The fans are sure. “Let’s see,” say the experts.

– The last time we showed good results in 2010 and 2012, when Irina Antonenko entered the TOP-15, and Elizaveta Golovanova – in the TOP-10, – Anton Paramonov, an expert in the field of beauty pageants, tells KP .RU. – Why do our girls from year to year remain without a crown? Simply put, there is not enough preparation and organization, and such a task is not worth it. For example, in the Philippines, participation in Miss Universe is an honorable and important tradition; female models are trained for this literally from childhood, and then the whole country applauds them. And in Russia, how many people watch the final of the competition? Zero point one tenth? Nobody cares about beauty pageants. Therefore, we do not pull.

Anna Linnikova became the winner of the contest “Miss Russia 2022”

Photo: MOSCOW City News Agency

At the same time, the participation of our contestants costs a lot of money. According to KP.RU, Russia annually transfers about 50 thousand dollars just for a license (for the former Soviet republics this fee is less, for Latin American countries it is many times more – from 100 to 200 thousand).

– Roughly speaking, every year 5-10 million rubles are spent. In our country, these expenses are covered by the management of the Miss Russia contest, while in other countries the participants are forced to pay even out of their own pockets, continues Anton Paramonov. – Just a dress to go on stage costs between 10 and 20 thousand dollars. Also, different outfits for each day, and the competition continues for 12 days. More flight. It’s quite a story to fly from Russia now, and even impressive luggage. I know that several years ago our delegation flew from the USA and paid 200,000-300,000 rubles for being overweight.

Meanwhile, the expert is somewhat familiar with our contestant Anna Linnikova. However, there are no illusions about the ending.

– It’s nice to communicate with Anya, the girl understands art, knows Russian culture of different periods, both pre-Mongolian and post-Mongolian. In modeling since the age of 16, she is fluent in English, lists Paramonov. -This is a great advantage, because the participants of the last years, for the most part, could not even count to 10. I think that she will find a common language with the contestants. And what will happen next… It seems to me, nothing. But the girl will gain experience before the next trip to Miss World: there, I think, she will have more opportunities.


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