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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Drink, and in the sea”: the fan Anna Semenovich suffers a hangover on vacation

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:38:13

Ana Semenovich. Photo: video frame.

Anna Semenovich left for hot Turkey – the singer spends her vacation in an expensive five-star hotel. The Turkish “all inclusive” played a cruel joke on the star. In social networks, Anna complained that she drinks too much alcohol and then suffers from a hangover.

In the stories, the artist began asking subscribers about how to escape a hangover. No wonder, after all, the day before he interfered with alcoholic cocktails with Turkish rakia.

“Someone hyped up Aperol yesterday. I also tried the local aniseed vodka… What a weird thing. Why did I drink it? My head is splitting, I have already drunk Nurofenka, Aspirin. What else can cure a hangover? Maybe drink some beer and go to the sea? – Semenovich asked subscribers.

Anna Semenovich posted a candid photo in a bikini. Photo: social networks.

In response, they began to convince Anna that the easiest way to avoid getting a hangover is not to drink too much. Her fans are seriously alarmed: they believe that the 43-year-old singer suffers from loneliness and fills longing for her with alcohol. “Anya, stop”, “Alcohol does not solve problems”, “Anya, you are a former athlete, you have willpower, hold on,” they plead with the star.

The image in a bikini, which the artist posted on her page, only added cause for concern to subscribers. In the photo, Semenovich’s face looks swollen and not very healthy. In addition, the artist for the first time decided to publish an honest photo without retouching, without changing the volume of her figure. Anna just coquettishly covered her protruding tummy with her hand.

Attentive fans noticed that Semenovich had previously posted photos in this swimsuit on social media. And she looked so much thinner in it, due to the obvious photoshopping.

It turns out that Anna in the same swimsuit can look completely different. Photo: social networks.

However, the artist herself does not care about her figure at all and says that she lives in harmony with her body, whatever it is.

“We can gain 10 kg or lose it, we can constantly improve with beauticians pumping liters of hyaluronic acid, but, believe me, your internal state does not depend on this! It depends on your thoughts about you and this world, ”the star once wrote on her page.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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