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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Drone specialists will be trained at the Omsk school quantum – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:36:45

There is real excitement in the quantumum now. Here, in an area fenced with a protective net, a demonstration flight of a drone takes place. The schoolchildren watch their pirouettes with great expectation. After all, they will soon be able to design and control unmanned aerial vehicles themselves.

“The priority tasks of the teachers of the new children’s technological park will be to increase the educational level of children, prepare them to participate in competitions and olympiads in natural sciences and technology,” explained Omsk Mayor Sergei Shelest at the opening. of the quantum. – Not only students of school number 4, but also representatives of other educational institutions will be able to study here.

This is already the third quantum in Omsk that works according to this principle.

For two years, more than three thousand schoolchildren were trained in schools 77 and 151, where similar technology parks exist. Now Sovetsky has joined the Central and Kirov districts. Teachers have received adequate professional training. Final year students from specialized universities will also participate in the classes.

According to experts, children’s technology parks are a new format of complementary training for schoolchildren. Children are introduced to promising engineering specialties, scientific and technical areas in the field of programming and program development. In total, more than a dozen training opportunities are available to young people in Omsk.

In school number 4, children will be introduced to technical creativity from the fifth grade. The focus will be not only on the assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles, but also on other popular areas.

– We will introduce children to UAV technology, its application methods, geoinformation, creation of maps and atlases, and aerial photography. Plus 3D modeling skills. The objective of the project is to train a design engineer at school. For this, the quantum has everything necessary,” explains Sofía Aguzalova, complementary education teacher.

The technopark space is equipped with 3D printers. There are also numerical control machines for processing wood and metal. Schoolchildren will be able to make their own parts and the body of the helicopter. New modern soldering stations, equipped with a hair dryer and sensors, will make it possible to create microcircuits. In principle, in this laboratory, if the components are available, it is possible to assemble working airplanes.

And since modern drones are created by builders and designers together, in parallel with the geoaero direction, high technology will be developed at the school. After all, free flight is not only a “smart filling” of a UAV, but also an ergonomic and aerodynamic shape. Furthermore, working as a team stimulates the development of technical thinking, imagination and the birth of new ideas. In the future, when they become students at a technical university, young inventors will feel like a fish in water.

The first classes have already been held in the technology park.

– The schoolchildren learned what an unmanned vehicle is. What skills can they acquire in the quantumrium? There is a choice: helicopter pilot, programmer, design engineer, information technology specialist and others. In each of the areas, children will have the opportunity to create and implement their own projects,” explains Sofia Aguzalova. – Judging by the first reaction, all this is very interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Parents and teachers from the neighboring school are already actively interested in the technology park.


School technology parks offer free additional education to schoolchildren. Modern laser technologies, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, drones, programming, 3D modeling – this is only part of what quantaries offer children. In the future, such popular areas as Industrial Design, Bioquantum, Energy Quantum and others will be developed in schools. There are currently 184 children’s technology parks in the country, and by 2024 another 428 will be opened, of which 293 are based on schools.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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