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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Drunk Slava accidentally posted a video of intimate caresses with her ex-husband

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:53:14

Slava singer.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Recently, Slava went on vacation in the company of her ex-husband Anatoly Danilitsky and their daughter Antonina. Even before the New Year, the singer announced on social networks that she was separating from her husband. And now she is not only resting with him, but she is also posting very intimate videos on social networks. In one of the videos that appeared on the artist’s page on social networks, Slava showed how her husband showered her body with kisses.

In the video, the couple is captured near the pool. Danilitsky comfortably settled at the feet of the singer, who was reclining on a chaise longue. The businessman could not contain his emotion and began to passionately kiss the thigh of his beloved. Anastasia clearly didn’t care. However, she made it clear to the ex-spouse that he would not incline her to reconciliation in this way.

“There is no forgiveness for you”, signed the singer in the video.

The drunken singer posted a video on social media in which her ex-husband intimately posed on her legs. Photo: video frame.

True, the next day the artist deleted the piquant video. And he explained to bewildered fans that she and her husband had gone too far with the alcohol the night before. Alcohol hit them on the head so much that the couple forgot not only about all the insults, but also about decency.

“God, how we got drunk yesterday. You just can’t imagine it. Just one python eye. Do you know how drunks give eyes? They light up in three shades, so it is called “python eye,” said Anastasia Slanevskaya (this is the real name of the star).

Earlier on social networks, Slava already explained to subscribers why she and her ex-husband rest together. The singer stressed that they are still parents and loved ones, but nothing more. The artist said that now she is not in a relationship with her ex-husband, and there can be no talk of any reunion with him. In another video from the vacation, Slava said that she did not live with Anatoly in the same house, that he was “removed for bad behavior.”

Slava announced a break with businessman Anatoly Danilitsky, but still rests with him in the Maldives. Photo: video frame.

In December, the singer unexpectedly announced her separation from her husband after 20 years of relationship. Slava, 42, did not give the reasons for the divorce, but she made it clear that she was very offended by her husband.

“I don’t want to tell you the reasons, because there were a lot of good things, but in recent years there have been a lot of bad things. I am beautiful, beautiful, talented, ready for a new relationship. Introduce. I will be happy to meet a sexy, beautiful, rich, responsible and loving person. Make sure you smell delicious. This is how it happens, ”Slava addressed her fans.

In response, the star’s husband, 70-year-old businessman Anatoly Danilitsky, said on social networks: he still loves Slava and hopes to return her.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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