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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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During the Forum of Regions, the inauguration of a monument dedicated to the feat of the hero pilot is being prepared – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:38:57

Members of the Belarusian Officers’ Union Sergei Sobolev and Boris Ryasov dedicated years to preserving the historical truth about this act of genocide and began the creation of a monument that would perpetuate the memory of those dramatic events. Next to the bas-relief, which artistically narrates the plot of the feat of teachers, partisans and pilots, it is planned to place a text cast in metal, agreed upon with scientists from the Institute of History of the National Academy. of Sciences of Belarus and reliably tells about the rescue of the orphans. The monument is planned to be erected on the site of the Polotsk orphanage and inaugurated during the 11th Forum of the Belarusian and Russian Regions.

Recall that, together with his comrades from the 105th Guards Aviation Regiment of the Civil Air Fleet, Russian Alexander Mamkin transported about 200 Belarusian orphans to the rear. Before this, the director of the Polotsk orphanage, Mikhail Forinko, and his colleagues managed to take the children to the Shchors partisan detachment, from where their journey to the mainland began. However, the flight of the last group of children in April 1944 almost turned out to be disastrous, if not for the self-sacrifice of the pilot: burning himself, Alexander Mamkin landed the low-speed wooden canvas plane R-5. which had been demolished by the Nazis, in the liberated territory.

The UNION correspondent, together with the secretary of the public organization “Defenders of memory and truth about the Great Patriotic War”, Sergei Sobolev, visited the workshop of the sculptor, winner of the Belarusian State Prize, Alexander Drants, author of sculptural sculpture. -relief that represents the feat of the children’s saviors. He was finishing the job before being sent to the foundry. The plot of the play is touchingly simple: a partisan hands a boy to Alexander Mamkin to board the plane. The pilot literally became the guardian angel of the rescued children. And this is what the sculptor focuses on, giving the wings of the plane behind the pilot’s shoulders the silhouette of angel wings.

“I first heard about Alexander Mamkin’s feat from the artist Vladimir Krivoblotsky, who at that time was working on a large-scale work dedicated to the prisoners of Hitler’s death camp in Azarichi,” said Alexander Dranets. -Therefore, I accepted with understanding and willingness to participate in this wonderful project the proposal of my friends, the famous Novopolotsk architects Igor Rudeni and Vladimir Galazyuk, to show his feat in a sculptural composition. The plot was based on a textbook wartime photograph about sending children from a partisan airfield to the mainland. It can be said that it has stood the test of time and still surprises with its deep meaning.

This bas-relief is not the last surprising fact of Belarusian-Russian history that has acquired artistic form.

The solution to the issue required from the sculptor not only talent and professional skills, but also deep empathy for the real participants in the dramatic events that were to be represented in metal. And the teacher, with all his previous work, was prepared for it. He created large-scale works such as the monumental monument to the Belarusian pioneer printer Francis Skorina in front of the National Library of Belarus building. In ancient Davyd-Gorodok, a monument to Prince Davyd recalls his centuries-old history. Alexander Dranets is one of the authors of the bas-reliefs of the pylon beams that fill the main façade of the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk and other monumental works with deep patriotic meaning. However, even against this rich creative background, the relatively small bas-relief telling about the heroic rescue of orphans from the Polotsk orphanage was not lost and became in many ways a landmark work for Alexander Valentinovich.

“First of all, because it was necessary to reveal another facet of the history of the Great Patriotic War,” says the sculptor. – After all, it has been present in me since childhood, in the memories of parents who survived the war, in the stories of veteran artists, in works of art dedicated to the exploits of our people, partisans and liberating soldiers. His heroism continues today. When I was working on the portrait of Alexander Mamkin, I mentally put next to the images of the Heroes of Belarus Oleg Nichiporchik and Nikita Kukonenko, who today, in fact, repeated their sacrificial feat: they took a defective plane away from the city blocks and at the cost of their lives they saved dozens, maybe hundreds of other people’s lives, as did Alexander Mamkin… I am deeply convinced that the hero pilots did not die, they simply ascended to the sun, and our sacred duty is to preserve the memory of they.

For a sculptor these are not just words. Just the other day, a memorial sign with a bas-relief dedicated to Nikita Kukonenko, a student of this former military educational institution, was unveiled in the Polotsk Cadet Corps, and a memorial plaque appeared in the house where he lived. They were completed by Alexander Dranets together with the Mastak-Service design workshop. Alexander Valentinovich is also one of the authors of the project to revive the monument in Polotsk in honor of the heroes participating in the Patriotic War of 1812, which became the starting point for the reconstruction of the square in the historical center of this ancient city . , which has more than once acted as an outpost for both Belarus and Russia. And soon the appearance of the city will be replenished with another monument: a document telling about a dramatic episode in its centuries-old history.

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