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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Editorial test: Azelac Ru Sesderma Facial Sun Fluid

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 07:50:03


As part of the special summer project LETO.BURO. asked TV presenter and beauty tester Yulia Zavyalova to talk about skin care and decorative products that you can safely guarantee, and then try new ones so that you know exactly what to take to the sea and what to keep on the beach. city.

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fluid Azelac Ru Sesderma


The time has come! It’s time to break out your favorite SPF beauty jars and diligently protect yourself from the sun. If this isn’t an argument, I’ll rephrase it: we protect ourselves not so much from the sun, but from age spots, sunburn, premature aging, redness, and oh my gosh, skin cancer. I hope I have convinced you. Now closer to the point: I, like many of my friends, delayed the moment of sun protection on the face as much as possible, because acne and irritation on the skin appeared along with it. At the age of 33, I understand that in vain. In fact, I was not familiar with Sesderma’s Azelac Ru fluid. For the third year I am nowhere without it! Neither to Anapa (I spend part of the months of the year there), nor to Asia.


the word “fluid” in the name already speaks of the tenderness and lightness of the texture, despite the high protection factor. It is applied to the skin like a soft milk and is also quickly absorbed. The main thing is to wait a couple of minutes and not apply anything on top.


It leaves no oiliness or stickiness, just a divine scent (uncharacteristic of conventional sunscreens) and a nice shine. The first few days, as the skin gets used to it, you may feel a slight tingling, but it passes in the first two minutes. By the way, it appears due to my favorite ingredient in the composition – azelaic acid.

COMPOSITION – the basis of the product is liposomal azelaic acid, which fights inflammation and skin rashes, and also prevents the appearance of age spots and lightens existing ones (azelaic acid is usually actively used in the fight against acne, so see it in a remedy that acne often appears, it was a pleasant surprise for me). Another major player: 4-butylresorcinol reduces melanin synthesis and is considered a powerful antiseptic, just like chamomile extract, which soothes the skin. There are also growth factors of plant origin, which have an anti-aging effect, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and accelerate regeneration.

Also, the composition contains tranexamic acid. Effectively hydrates and evens out skin tone.

And, the icing on the cake, vitamin C, a well-known natural antioxidant and the best friend for glowing skin.

And of course, SPF 50+. Important: protects against UVA and UVB rays.


There’s a million for me The main thing is that it is suitable for any type of skin, and even with problems, inflammations and rashes, I can not only protect myself from the sun, but also not suffer from new blemishes. Neither in Anapa, nor in Asia, I never burned, I did not burn, I just blushed beautifully with my skin care. For the neck and décolleté I use the same product, because I really like the lack of irritation. Yes, the consumption increases, but in general a 50 ml tube is enough for half a year. So my big summer recommendation goes unconditionally to the Azelac Ru fluid.


on the official website the price is 4598 rubles, but the cost is more than justified. Try it once and see for yourself.

Using the promo code ZAVBEAUTY on the official Sesderma website, there is a 15% discount on the fluid until the end of summer.

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