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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Educational Unions Are Preparing New Mobilizations Without Discarding the Vague One: “There Will Be No Calm Third Quarter”

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 13:15:32

The unions announced three days of mobilizations (including Fridays) during the third trimester of the academic year, “without excluding a general strike”, confirmed spokesman for USTEC Yolanda Segura. UGT, CCOO, Intersindical, and USOC deny the Ministry of Education’s involvement in negotiations and claim they didn’t accept their proposal. They’re calling for real negotiations now. We’ll see if that happens or not by looking for updated news about these matters.

The union movement is preparing for more uncertainty following the first five days of protest, which they described as ‘historic.’ They highlighted that there is a mobilization among professionals and people in the centers too. In other words, they warned that they will not be satisfied with just five days of wandering. Instead, they will take every proposal to continue their protest schedule during the third quarter.

I can’t help but wonder why education has continued to negotiate these proposals from all parties from the outset when it always leads to the same result: the game of “menystenint,” which Segura referred to as a “gimmick.”

The scholars insist that they have no “res” to the courses they are applying for. They also reject promoting a third of the time as a half-day and offer a ratio of P3. They repeat their position, again demanding an accelerated application process.

One of the main requirements for the return is to shorten one teaching hour so that they can return to secondary school at 18 o’clock and primary school at 23 o’clock, a measure that educators need in order to give a 2023-2024 course and high school. Education Minister Marga Romamartines confirmed that this “rough treatment” is unacceptable and indicated that it must come from current urgent circumstances. Namely, she proposes that the decision could open doors for which industry months.

A prominent trade union has expressed concern that education is being prioritized too much in the application of some measures for the 2024-2025 school year and beyond.

It’s not just schools that have been hit by cuts, but university professors as well. Universities found their budget slashed from 8-9% to 7%. The biggest change was the elimination of the second bonus for Això and Volen. Although this target was cut early on in the endeavor, they continued with the measure anyway. But overall, they’ve drawn a lot of criticism (as well as the lack of guarantees that all these changes will ultimately be made). “The management is not even going to arrive until 2025,” confirmed Joan Alice of Professors de Secundària.

Despite the Department’s plans, unions and school managers have denied that their educational policies don’t affect workers’ rights. Despite the changes, teachers have been open to learning new strategies to help them be more efficient in their classrooms. A timely example of this is Juliol, who submitted a seva for him to continue teaching courses despite being away on vacation.

After analyzing the new donations announced by Educació, Bernat Pelah (Intersindical) points out that the majority seems to stem from reducing the coefficients to P3. “They offer a reduction in coefficients of four or five points and it seems not in all points,” he said.

The Catalan language director at Educació has criticized components of the Department of Education’s recent response intended to secure the use of Catalan in public education. The Director is concerned about a lack of accountability for private centers and wants to see a more robust approach that preserves healthy linguistic practices and offers better legal protections.

Volume has also come up with an investment equivalent to 6% of GDP in education until 2025. This gives you access to temporary staff in the maximum number of places through a merit evaluation process, eliminates interviews that decree prototype templates, will let you scout stadiums from 0 to 6 years, focuses on your individual direct attention, and increases what they term as professorship d’FP for vegetative through-breeding.

Never wait for the final month. They show up when you have made changes and they don’t hold your feet to the fire.

The unions are skeptical of the recent offer as they warn that they won’t renegotiate under the current circumstances and that they won’t accept a point-to-point negotiation process with permissive demands. This might not work because some receptive managers might feel that these seven proposed rules are “too maximal” and suggest an alternative route. It’s at an inflection point, according to CGT spokesman Mikel Gonzalez. “We are at war with the Department,” he announced with confidence.

Puck Henry
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