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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Efremov recovered by 70 kilos, and Matveev turned into a decrepit old man: the secrets of the transformation of stars are revealed.

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:27:52

Maxim Matveev with old makeup in the TV series “Mosgaz. The last case of Cherkasov.” Photo: Boris Kudryavov; social networks of Maxim Matveev.

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

The role of officer Arkady Bulavkin in the fourth season of The Kept Women impressed the fans of the series so much that popular rumor seriously demands that Nikita Efremov receive an Oscar. How, for the sake of his lewd character, he changed beyond recognition: voice, gait, manners. And most importantly, he doubled his weight, going from a skinny, sonorous kid to a 300-pound overweight guy. However, Efremov’s Oscar would have to be halved, because in reality the actor did not earn a single gram, and his reincarnation is largely the merit of make-up artists who have been aging, fattening and “killing” stars for 15 years. . , making them bald, black, and doppelgangers of famous people. And not a single artist was harmed.

Nikita Efremov with a fake tummy on the set of “Kept Women”, personal archive of A. Ivchenko


In “Kept Women” Efremov already had two costumes: a simpler one, under clothes, and “naked”, as natural as possible, with implanted hairs on the stomach. They were attached one by one (!) by hand, each on a special hook.

– The trick is that Nikita had an intimate scene where she was in the frame with a bare tummy, so we had to create a silicone tummy that would not be different from the real one – says Alexey Ivchenko, plastic makeup and special effects artist of the FX Pro Lab team, which worked on the projects “One-to-One”, “One for All”, the film “Poddubny”, the TV series “Epidemic” and many others. – This process is meticulous: first, the actor is measured and a mannequin is made according to his size, on the basis of which the silicone torso is molded. Such a thick body is put on like a suit and is fastened in the back with a zipper. And to turn it into a monolith, the face and hands are glued on top.

Such a “vest” weighs about 15 kilograms, so the movements of a fat officer look natural. After all, if he only puts a pillow, as sofa experts advise, the artist will remain light, and the audience will certainly notice this falsehood.

Alexey Ivchenko and actress Ksenia Teplova in old makeup, personal archive of A. Ivchenko

– Someone wonders why the artist does not get better for the role, but in fact, many of them are shooting in several projects at the same time and simply cannot afford such experiments, – continues Alexei Ivchenko. -Efremov was still lucky: the suit from him had no legs. Now this type of figure is not uncommon: a person gets better in the stomach, and the legs remain slim. That is, on the set, the actor could only go to the shower during filming, but to the toilet, sorry for the details, easily.


But the most difficult thing for makeup artists is the face, especially the false nose: it turns out that a one and a half centimeter detail behaves very whimsically, and a shift to the right and left of just a couple of millimeters can change character beyond recognition.

– On average, a new face takes a week. First, a cast of the actor is made, a plastic or plaster model of the face is created. And the finale – the production of silicone parts: the skin of the cheeks, eyes, lips, neck, forehead, etc. These things are glued to the artist’s face with a special adhesive, similar to plaster primer, the makeup artist explains. – The mask turns out as believable as possible. First of all, we do not use ordinary silicone, but medical silicone, from which prostheses are made. In addition, we customize it to give it softness and elasticity.

Makeup for the movie “Outpost”. Social networks Fx Pro Lab.

In one of the recent projects, the series “Mosgaz. The Last Case of Cherkasov ”the team worked on the hero of Maxim Matveev – a maniac who spent half his life in prison, with a pockmarked face and broken teeth. After the witchcraft of make-up artists, the handsome actor would not have been recognized even by his own mother: wrinkled, with a gray fluff on his bald skull and a prickly look.Every day of shooting, for 2.5 hours, he “put on ” to Matveev an ancient face, neck, arms and even teeth. By the way, all parts are disposable even after the command “Stop! Taken!” they are sent to the trash.

– The funny thing is that Maxim has a goat on his head. You will not find natural gray hair during the day with fire, I had to knock down goat, mix it with synthetics. By the way, Maxim is very respectful of makeup and wears it very well. There are artists who scratch their faces, gouge details or sweat a lot. And we have delicate things, and just sleeping in makeup with our face on the pillow will not work, – the expert notes.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov with old makeup for the film “Dad”. Personal archive of A. Ivchenko.


However, make-up artists worked on Paulina Andreeva in the series “Better Than People” while she was sleeping. The actress arrived tired at the shoot, so she crouched down on the sofa. It turned out to be even more convenient for makeup wizards: for the scene of the fall from a height of the android robot played by Paulina, at that moment, her stomach was “opened” so that the metal parts protruded. he. In fact, they put a silicone layer on it that imitated the iron skeleton of an android.

Makeup by Paulina Andreeva for the TV series “Better than people.” Social networks Fx Pro Lab.

What’s more: for the filming of the Epidemic series, the team of artists usually had to create a real robot: a fake bust of an actor with moving facial expressions, talking lips and blinking eyes. Such a false head was prepared for a whole month, in order to eventually crush it with a butt. 30 seconds into the frame – and bang! – the robot is in ruins. But the artist is alive and well.

Robotic head for the series “Epidemic”. Social networks Fx Pro Lab.

– All kinds of injuries, deformities, diseases for us – a common thing. Such makeup is even simpler than old age and fullness, but it requires expert supervision. In the series “Sklifosovsky”, “Dr. Richter”, “Pregnancy Test”, for example, we constantly filmed operations, and real surgeons advised us: what tissues are removed, how they are sutured, etc., says Alexei Ivchenko. -And in the series “Chernobyl” we made a very “handsome” Danila Kozlovsky for the end with the consequences of radiation sickness, when she loses her hair, herpes and burns on her face.

Character from the series “Territory”. Personal archive of A. Ivchenko.


Double for the oligarch

In addition to makeup for filming, the team constantly receives individual requests: they say, make a mask with the features of Donald Trump or someone else. Artists refuse to move away from sin, because it is not known where this “Trump” will go: what if he robs a bank?

A team of experts can make a mask of any character from a photo. Social networks Fx Pro Lab.

– But we can make living twins, basically, they ask for the elite – businessmen and oligarchs, to whom friends want to give an unusual birthday present. There was a case recently, – recalls Alexei. – At the request of the client, we found an artist, made him a make-up for a birthday boy, and then this double tap danced on the holiday – it turned out to be the favorite dance of the hero of the day. The draw went off with a bang.


The team considers it wrong to talk about the cost of masks in detail. But, on average, a full cycle of manufacturing a mask will cost 100 thousand rubles. The most annoying thing is that such services depend on the dollar exchange rate: we still do not have domestic silicones, glues, special alcohol-based paints.


“Strawberry” is also a fake

Makeup artists, according to Alexei Ivchenko, sometimes have to prepare rather racy details.

– So, in the film “Petrovs in the flu” there was a funny story when we made a causal place for Yura Borisov. According to the plot, he appeared naked in Yulia Peresild’s fantasies: she periodically sees him with little dignity, then with great dignity. Preparation for such a scene is very specific: the actor puts on a flesh-colored thong, everything around him is shaved, smoothed. And an imitation of the genitals is already glued to the thong. It was fun!

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