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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Ekaterina Klimova posed without makeup on her 45th birthday and showed that she looks 10 years younger

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 06:18:03

Ekaterina Klimova. Photo: social networks.

Actress Ekaterina Klimova celebrated her 45th birthday on January 24. Happy birthday to her, the star of the TV series “According to the Laws of War” was the first to congratulate her children. They handed the birthday girl a cake with candles and sang a congratulatory song. The artist’s eldest daughter, Lisa, 20, photographed her mother at her house, in her pajamas, disheveled and without makeup. In the photo, a smiling Ekaterina holds a piece of birthday cake with a candle in her hands.

“Happy birthday, mom,” wrote the star’s daughter on the Telegram channel.

The fans were delighted: in the picture, 45-year-old Klimova looks at least 10 years younger. The beautiful actress has repeatedly shown that she looks great without makeup, and this photo is further confirmation of this. In the comments, fans congratulate the star on her birthday and wish her happiness.

The daughter eliminated the actress on her 45th birthday. Photo: social networks.

The original congratulations to the mom were shared by her middle son, Korney. She recorded a tongue-in-cheek video in which she talks about Klimova’s parenting methods. According to the boy, her mother keeps them strict, does not allow them to go to bed late and forces everyone to play sports, especially the children. However, this does not prevent the children from having a wonderful relationship with her. “Mom, we love you so much,” Korney admitted.

Ekaterina Klimova is raising four children from different husbands. The actress first married her school sweetheart, jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov, and she became a mother early, having given birth to Lisa. A happy family life was destroyed by an affair with a colleague on the set Igor Petrenko. Taking the daughter from her, Klimova left Ilya for a new life. Petrenko became her second husband, they lived together for 9 years. In this marriage the children of Matvey and Roots appeared. Ekaterina gave birth to her youngest daughter, Bella, from her third husband, actor Gela Meskhi, whom she divorced three years ago.

Recently, Catherine, through the court, demanded that Igor Petrenko pay alimony for her children. At first, Igor complied with the terms of the agreement, then he stopped paying alimony, and by the fall his debt amounted to a record 6 million 242 thousand rubles. The bailiffs entered the case, they wanted to limit Petrenko’s trips abroad. Perhaps this was an incentive for the actor, and he almost completely paid off the debt.

The actress herself earns a lot of money. With royalties from performances, filming in movies, TV series and advertising, Klimova built a large house in the suburbs. The family moved during the coronavirus pandemic. Her mother helps Ekaterina raise children.

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