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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Electricity for €16 that can save you a fine of €200 in the summer exit operation

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:54:54

The DGT announced at the beginning of the summer that the emergency triangles were not going to be mandatory on highways and highways. The run over drivers who got out of the car to place them have been the main reason for their removal on these high-capacity roads, while they are still mandatory on the rest.

The replacement for the warning triangles is the V-16 light, a regulation light that is placed on the roof of the car from the inside, just by reaching out the window, and throws a beam of light up to about a kilometer away even in adverse conditions in 360 degrees.

These lights can already be used as a substitute for emergency triangles, but they will not be mandatory or recognized as the only valid signaling system until next year 2026. Then, the triangles will no longer be accepted as an emergency signaling system.

V-16 lights are already sold on different online platforms such as Amazon, as well as in the Post Office or in specialized stores. Its cost starts at 16 euros, but in order to be used they must be approved by the DGT and meet all the mandatory technical characteristics, such as the possibility of being connected to the DGT 3.0, be resistant to water and have a battery life of at least half an hour.

The fine for not putting the V-16 light or the triangles

During the trips this summer, it is mandatory to carry either a V-16 light or the emergency triangles to avoid fines of up to 200 euros, as it is considered a serious offense not to carry any of these elements.

However, on dual carriageways or highways, triangles will not be mandatory. If you do not have the emergency light, it will be enough to connect the emergency lights and not get out of the car. If there is one, it must be installed and connected properly to avoid a penalty of the same type.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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