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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Elena Khramova can identify each of the 50 types of milk with her eyes closed KXan 36 Daily News

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 09:47:52

But that’s not the most amazing thing about her. She can identify 50 types of dairy products with her eyes closed. Hit 100%! Isn’t it amazing?

I met Elena in a popular cafe. fragile beauty. And when she poured herself the cappuccino, she said in a low voice:

– And her milk is so sour.

I grab the cup. Yes, great coffee. And here you go!

The factory appreciates Elena. Although she is not a taster, not a single sample is complete without her unique abilities. No, she doesn’t replace devices. But she’s not wrong either. A double check won’t hurt.

– It happened that a tank with milk came and, as you just said, it turned sour? And they beg you to accept even under sour cream, even under cottage cheese.

– Useless. We have a contract. She could not stand it – to carry sour milk to another plant. They even make kefir, even yogurt. Subject to compliance with all GOST, of course. Everything is strict here.

…When modest Elena Khramova in a white coat walked on the stage of the studio of the “Amazing People” program, which is broadcast on the Rossiya TV channel, everyone gasped. This girl understands milk better than a noble milkmaid. By the way, everyone was expecting a milkmaid who weighed a penny and had rosy cheeks. I do not pass.

“I wasn’t worried,” Elena says. – Just as they put dairy products in sealed jars, they asked me to leave. I left This is what it should be to determine from 50 meters what is being tested.

And then the most interesting thing began. Elena opened the lid and determined precisely what was inside. And so 50 times! The jury was not only delighted. In ecstasy! There would be a competition for the best beer. Or whiskey. And then MILK! I personally understand the jury.

– But how did you manage to act so well? Grandma’s secrets? Witchcraft?

– Yes, there is nothing special here, – answers the modest Elena. – Do you remember, like a classic? The sturgeon must be the first and only freshness. So it is with milk.

– Do you train your unique nose? Do you do organoleptic exercises?

– What what? What exercises?

– Well, to keep your skills in shape.

– Yes, everything is very simple. I don’t drink milk. I’m just trying. Then I rinse my mouth with spring water.

What about smoking and alcohol?

– Excluded. What, you didn’t guess?

– I have to ask. And here’s another thing: how do you feel about coconut milk and other novelty stuff?

– Calmly. If people like it, why not? I like everything new because it is interesting. I remember how they launched a coconut yogurt workshop in Yekaterinburg. By the way, I have a special relationship with coconuts. I make coconut scented candles. Under own brand.

– And what, a coconut is somehow different from a cactus in smell?

– ABOUT! You are off topic! However, next time I’ll bring you a couple of candles.

– Just not from a cactus and just not medicinal.

– Agreed!

Yes, everything is very simple. I don’t drink milk. I’m just trying. Then I rinse my mouth with spring water

Elena only at first glance seems to be a light and cheerful girl. She is a philanthropist. She travels to children’s hospices and gives out ice creams at her own expense. Delicious. The most fresh. And she collects the necessary assistance to unfortunate children. Her colleagues joined her. So right after the interview with me, she went to Podolsk. They need diapers and bandages. The entire trunk is full of humanitarian cargo.

– Do you know what is the worst thing in this life? Do not answer! It was then that she became attached to the boy and the next time she left.

Sometimes she takes Artur, 11, and Milana, 10. Together with her mother, they help other children. And the responsibility falls on her fragile shoulders. What is not the education of patriotism? And then we all talk, talk…

And Milana and Arthur are also very fond of ice cream. Sometimes mom brings a whole box. Of course, buying it from the factory. So the children have a holiday. Simple but brilliant.

– Do you have angina?

– Pa-pa-pa! It is impossible to have a sore throat from ice cream. English scientists have proven it.

We drink coffee with sour milk, and now it’s time to get down to business. The condition is this: I buy three kinds of milk. Elena doesn’t know which one. Let it work for my own experience. Weak?

Let’s go to the supermarket. Elena looked away carefully as she selected the milk. Little bags. And she wouldn’t have noticed. I will mask them. That’s when a silly idea occurred to me. I saw a bag of goat’s milk. Why don’t you give him a goat?

We went to the food court. I chased Elena away and poured three types of milk into three cups. Regular 3.2%, lactose-free and goat. I drank the rest myself. Milk is like milk.

Elena returned and began to test. She immediately identified lactose free. The usual – with half a sip. But with the goat…

– There is clearly a cow and some other… Goat!

I looked at the packaging. In fact, cow’s milk was added to goat’s milk at the factory. Hat off!

And Elena Khramova was a delegate of the “Milk Road” to Turkey. This is something like a festival, when a white column of dairy farmers from all over the world goes through the main streets with an orchestra. Elena goes, as always, on her own. Well, at least they gave me a vacation.

I think our milk is the best. Just because there are people like Elena Khramova. Help children and raise patriots. God bless your milky way! And jelly beaches!

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