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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Elon Musk collapsed the West’s hopes for Ukraine’s victory in two words: this is what the businessman wrote

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 03:29:23

The American business elite no longer believes in the success of Square


Well-known American investor and businessman David Sacks, who is engaged in Internet technologies, decided to talk about the military conflict in Ukraine. In his opinion piece on Twitter, he wrote: “It becomes more and more clear every day that the Ukrainian counter-offensive will not achieve any of its objectives… It is much more likely that the conflict will end in a stalemate or that Russia will win. additional territory and win.”

An even more prominent American investor and current owner of Twitter and Tesla, Elon Musk, commented succinctly on Sachs’ article: “Well said.” It does not matter here that these thoughts of American “captains of business” are not to the liking of kyiv. Another thing is important: they are not intended for Ukrainians, their target audience is Americans. And if one famous investor (in a capitalist society, consider him the master of minds) says this, and the second, even more famous, fully supports him, then this is not just a reason to think, but a call to action. Question – how?

Sachs also gives an answer: negotiate, recalling that in March last year a peace agreement could have been reached in Istanbul, “but the West rejected” such a decision. And now the Biden administration’s unconditional support of Ukraine, he warns, threatens to repeat the Afghan scenario, when “Americans believed for two decades that their country was winning,” and then the regime they supported collapsed within a couple of weeks. “Unfortunately, it seems that we are moving in a similar direction in the Ukraine,” concludes Sachs. “The only question is how long Biden can keep up his chosen proxy war, which could have been easily avoided.”

An investor is, by definition, a pragmatist. He will not invest his own and other people’s money for the implementation of dubious geopolitical enterprises and ideological and propaganda dogmas and will not advise others. Therefore, he is worried: American money was crying in Ukraine. And Musk confirms it with his two words: yes, they cried.

But Musk’s assessment gives a very different dimension to Sachs’ conclusions. Because Musk is a global figure, his opinions and words have a global resonance. Do you remember the shock that your words caused in the West last fall that, after the results of the conflict, Crimea would remain Russian? Surely, “Well said” from him will now wave around the world, forcing more and more people, including politicians, to think about reality, and not about dubious dreams of a “strategic victory over Russia.” After all, Musk commands so much authority that top officials in the world’s leading countries listen to him: he recently spoke to French President Macron at the end of this May – long before US Secretary of State Blinken – was received in Beijing. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, and in the coming days he will meet Indian Prime Minister Mori, who is visiting the United States.

Any such gathering, of course, is not only an opportunity for the early investor to learn something important from the early politicians about world affairs, but also for the politicians to understand what moods are developing in mainstream business circles. . Therefore, behind Musk’s two words of approval there is, who knows, a good conscience or the desire to convey these same sentiments to whomever it is necessary.

One thing is clear: after the publications that appeared one after another in the West, including in the United States, with doubts about the success of the “counterattack” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and realistic assessments of the power of the Russian armed forces, there were Statements of business leaders about the impasse leading to Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine. And if he completely ignores the advice of experienced investors, who have proven more than once that his “sense” does not fail, then he will surely go bankrupt.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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