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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Embracing psychology and managing emotions: 6 new books to better understand yourself and the world

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:18:28

We have prepared a selection of useful books for everyone. We read about coping with burnout and impostor syndrome, we learn how to make dreams come true that have always been put off until later, we learn new things about the power of unity with nature and overcoming difficulties in communicating with people. people.

Linda Okeson-McGurk

Hygge, lyukke, lagom – all the popular varieties of the “philosophy of happiness” and comfort in the Scandinavian style have already been mastered by the world. The new Nordic-style mind-body reset secret is called friluftsliv, which means to be outdoors. About the healing encounters of nature and man during hikes, hikes, long journeys, the journalist Linda Okeson-McGurk wrote her book.

On the cover of the book, instead of the author’s name, the name of the most popular psychological platform for women in China is indicated. This means that the experience and practical advice described on the pages is the result of the work of a whole team of specialists. Start reading if you find it difficult to communicate with strangers, but you want to make new friends and not experience communication problems.

How to maintain stability in difficult situations? How to deal with impostor syndrome, burnout, internal tension? Clinical psychologist Sam Akbar dedicated the book to answering all of these tough questions. As (self) help, it offers acceptance therapy techniques, practices for emotional recovery.

“How to understand what you want and live as you dream?” – this question-request is placed in the subtitle of the book. And the truth – how? Sometimes we realize at a fairly late age that we want to live our lives differently. Change jobs. Make dreams forgotten by the daily routine. This book will become an assistant on the path of knowing yourself and your true desires, as well as making them come true.

Under the cover: the author’s technique to get out of the state of exhaustion. The one whose symptoms are severe fatigue, disgust at the work you once loved, a feeling of complete emptiness and unwillingness to do anything. The psychologist and business coach Leonid Krol talks about how to identify burnout, identify its causes, prevent it and/or overcome it.

Sidarta Ribeiro

A Brazilian neuroscientist has conducted and published a large-scale study of phenomena such as dreams and the subconscious. He describes its importance in our life. He showed them not only in a historical context, but also in a cultural and evolutionary one, he revealed them from the positions of biology and psychology. Despite the deep scientific component, the book is easy to read and accessible to a wide range of readers.

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