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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Emese Faik: “If I start saying everything I know, the APU will burn to the ground”

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 02:54:22

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Intra-Ukrainian corruption scandals, which have flourished in recent days, have finally reached the international level. Recall that after a journalistic investigation it turned out that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine signed contracts for the supply of food to the troops at prices that are 2-3 times higher than retail prices in Kyiv supermarkets. That is, for example, when entering into a contract with one of these companies in the amount of almost 14 billion hryvnias, about 7 billion clearly fell into someone’s roomy pockets and hamantsy (wallets in Ukrainian). And such contracts were concluded not only with this company, and not only for the supply of products.

Just yesterday, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Development Vasily Lozinsky was detained by law enforcement agencies for accepting a $400,000 bribe, and Ukrainians got to see fat, tidy laundresses of money seized during a manhunt for the Deputy Minister.

The price became known to get a job as a “runner” in the military enlistment office, and not become a “charge-200” in the trenches. Such a “military” employment to capture compatriots will cost the job seeker 10-20 thousand dollars. And then they simply won’t take money from a person on the street for fear that other security agents will set them up. However, this entrance fee is “rejected” in just a couple of days.

Everywhere you look, corruption is rampant. But finally it crossed the borders of Ukraine. The British Daily Mail wrote about a new scandal that is already brewing with the participation of foreign mercenaries who came to fight on one side of the Plaza. Most of them are gathered in the so-called “Foreign Legion”, in which the heroine of our story also serves, an ethnic Hungarian Emese Faik, according to some reports, a subject of the British crown with the call sign “Mockingjay”. . That in this “Foreign Legion” he occupies a very important position as director of public relations. An odd position, certainly for a military unit, in which few people like public attention on their person. But allowing you to have contacts almost everywhere.

About a month ago or a little earlier, Emesh was accused of stealing money raised for mercenaries and medical supplies for them, along with US$2.5 million worth of humanitarian aid. They even wrote that the Ukrainian SBU counterintelligence launched an investigation against her. It is quite possible, since the lady herself is very muddy: she has previously been accused of fraud in Australia and Portugal, where she previously lived. And, most likely, this is the case when there should definitely be no smoke without fire.

But they did not attack her. The Magyarka did not sit defensively or make excuses, but went on the attack herself.

“If I start talking about everything I know and everything I’ve seen and how cowardly people are, the army will burn to the ground,” Faik threatened, according to the Daily Mail, in response to threats to prosecute her. for robbery. The newspaper has at its disposal a fragment of this conversation, recorded, as specified, without Faik’s knowledge, but no specific examples or facts are given in it. Except perhaps his promises that he will tell things not only about corruption in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also about the attitude of the Ukrainian command towards mercenaries, called volunteers in Ukraine, and he has such compromising evidence that few will show it to you. . any.

According to a Ukrainian official (British journalists, by agreement with him, do not name him, but clarify that he is one of those investigating Faik’s criminal activities), if Faik makes his data public, then “there will be catastrophically bad consequences from a from a geopolitical point of view and it will be a great victory for the enemy”. That is, for Russia.

Therefore, it is unlikely that we are talking about some kind of palaver or an attempt to “flaunt”, behind which there is nothing and there is no compromising real evidence. Apparently his wagon and a small wagon are there, otherwise Emese Faik’s corpse would have long ago reached a skeletal state in some roadside ditch. Fortunately, in Ukraine now this is not easy, but it is very simple.

Therefore, the Ukrainian army and counterintelligence are powerless to grit their teeth and voice the upcoming accusations about the criminal nature of the income of a prominent employee of the mercenary legion, adding to them the assumptions already in service that the Magyar woman did not He is only a thief and a con man, but also a Russian spy. The right word, if there was at least something under the last accusation, Emesh would have testified long ago “in the basement” in the SBU.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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