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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Employers in 2023 have no intention of cutting staff KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 18:01:46

At the same time, 15% of respondents admitted that they laid off part of the state in 2022. 11% allow cuts in 2023. Judging by the responses, layoffs will continue mainly in the segment of large companies.

If in 2022 Russian companies paid special attention to recruitment, then in 2023 employee retention comes first. This turned out to be a priority for 71% of HR professionals. Especially in large companies (77%) and, to a lesser extent, in small companies (62%). Employers most often cite promotions or roles in the company, inclusion in mentoring programs, holding regular meetings with managers, bonuses in the form of bonuses as retention tools. The second most popular task is improving efficiency of the teams. Two thirds of those surveyed (66%) will work in this direction. In the segment of small companies, it is this task that has gained prominence, surpassing the task of preserving labor groups. This includes active training and retraining of staff, and a review of companies’ overall business strategies. Recruitment and recruitment has risen from first (the number one task in 2022) to third in the top of the rankings. major human resources. decisions by 2023. 57% of respondents plan to pay special attention to hiring. Among small companies, this proportion is much lower (43%), while in large companies it is higher (63%).

If in 2022 Russian companies paid special attention to recruitment, in 2023 employee retention comes first

One in two companies (50%) in 2023 will focus on staff training. Similar tasks also include the formation of a personnel reserve (42%) and the retraining of employees (18%). The size of the business is critical here. Small businesses are far less interested in all three tasks of people development than large ones: 38, 24, and 5% support small businesses vs. 54, 52, and 28% for corporations.

“Most likely, in 2023, employers will approach the downsizing process very carefully,” says Alexander Safonov, a professor at the Government Financial Institute of the Russian Federation. “Many employers see 2023 as a year in which It is possible to overcome negative trends, which means that an employee must be valued. As a last resort, maneuver by reducing the number of hours worked”, adds Safonov.

According to Nadezhda Mikhina, business development partner at ProPersonnel, women are increasingly in demand in middle and senior management positions. “So, in October-November 2022, we noticed a 17% increase in the number of invitations to interview female candidates. We believe that the expansion of women into areas that are traditionally considered “masculine” will gain momentum,” she clarifies. There will be more openings for mature employees. Some companies invite early retirees and pensioners to open vacancies. This is especially active in companies where the retirement age comes much earlier, starting at 45 years.

As for salary growth, according to Ekaterina Sorokina, Director of Human Resources at a large manufacturing company, most employers include salary growth in the range of 5-10% in next year’s budgets.

The market is still very mobile, said Dmitry Dudarev, director of human resources at the CROS agency. “However, there is a fairly stable trend, we have been observing it throughout the year. This is a high demand for universal professionals with extensive experience. Consequently, we can expect the cost of such specialists to grow”, says the expert. .

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