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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Endesa and Iberdrola are awarded the electricity contract for the Adif stations

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 12:26:54

Endesa, with two lots, and Iberdrola, with the third, have won the public tender for the supply of electricity for Adif stations and technical installations, valued at 160 million euros. Although its value is ten times less than the energy mega-contract for train traction, which Endesa was awarded for 1,600 million, this contract is also of vital importance for the manager of the railway network, since it allows power to be provided to stations travelers, merchandise terminals and other venues.

Endesa, Iberdrola and EDP participated in the bid, the latter being the only one that has not been able to win any of the three lots, which have ended up in the hands of the two large electric companies. Lots 1 and 2, which included access points with six-period tariffs throughout Spain, have been awarded to Endesa for 109.5 million euros.

On the other hand, those related to points with three periods have been kept by Iberdrola in exchange for 31 million euros. Adif chose to group the electricity supply points into three batches in order to unify access rates and standardize market costs and contracted power levels.

With this contract, the Railway Infrastructure Administrator guarantees the electricity supply for its facilities from April 1 to December 31, 2025, with the option to extend it for another year for another 42 million euros. The energy supplied will come from renewable sources and includes guarantees of origin to certify its origin.

In 2021, the public company’s facilities consumed 241 gigawatt-hours (GWH) of electricity, a figure that, in a first estimate, grew to 248 GWh in 2022. Energy prices will be indexed to the OMIE daily market in order to to guarantee more efficient spending, although the contract reserved the possibility of agreeing on fixed prices during certain periods of time.

The final cost will come from factors such as actual consumption, the offers received and the one that is finally selected, the price set by the Iberian market operator (OMIE) or the price coverages that are negotiated in the OMIP market. The tender does not include the costs of access to the transmission and distribution networks, a procedure that Adif will agree directly with the distributors.

Last week, Adif resolved the traction power supply megacontest, valued at 1,850.7 million euros and which Endesa was finally awarded for 1,600 million. The contract has the same extension as that of the stations -from April 2023 to the end of 2025-, but it has the option of extending it for two years. In addition to the winner, Iberdrola, EDP, Acciona Green Energy and Total Energies participated in this contest.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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