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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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“Ensign Shmatko” Alexey Maklakov spoke about the continuation of the series “Soldiers”

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 00:03:27

“Ensign Shmatko” Alexey Maklakov

Photo: frame of the film.

Not so long ago, KP.RU conducted a reader poll about the most anticipated series among Russians. Oddly enough, “Gangster Petersburg” won. Apparently, the trend towards interest in crime has continued, despite the large number of detectives who supercharged the public.

However, almost every year, viewers continue to remember, and also revise, the “Soldiers” project. A cute and romantic series about the life of fighters in a military unit has survived seventeen (!) Seasons. And yet, the public is still interested in the fate of even the most popular actors who played in it.

Photo: frame of the film.

In particular, the performer of the role of the rogue ensign Oleg Shmatko, Alexei Maklakov, is regularly asked whether the project will continue. And “KP” could not resist it either. In an interview for our TV shows magazine (read the full text on Wednesday, January 25) for the launch of Maklakov’s new project Stream (Premier), we asked the artist how he sees it.

– Ensign Shmatko is still one of your favorite roles among the public. How can the authors make a series about the army, which is reviewed so many times?

– Service in the army is, first of all, friendship. Fraternity. That is what was at the heart of the “Soldiers” series. Because during the service, soldiers become very close people with each other. We talked about exactly this. If we touch, let’s say, the romantic part of the soldier’s service.

Photo: frame of the film.

Are these projects needed now? Would the sequel to Soldier be a success?

– Now we need honest projects. Because the torment of the scriptwriters (I change the channel, I look at what they show) is very noticeable. And the authors, actors, directors and producers all suffer. It seems that they revolve around simple things known to everyone: friendship, betrayal, love, betrayal. But there is no grain behind all this, there is no ideology. It doesn’t matter how they argue now, but before the ideology determined the entire path of cinema in my country. We are all looking for this ideology, but we seem unable to find it. And this is necessary. After all, what is happening in Europe and the United States is terrible. Simple truths and traditional values ​​are destroyed. Therefore, now more than ever, strong human qualities must come to the fore. The lack of a theme is the problem. Now, if you go back to “Soldiers”, you found yourself there, and the project has billions of views. I’m not sure if that success can be repeated. But in reruns now the series is seen by generations. Because we have shown the value of human relationships, which includes love, loss and betrayal. On this you can make a new real Russian cinema.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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