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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Erika Lundmoen on the new album, spiritual practices and the search for a unique sound

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:07:49

Singer Erika Lundmoen rose to fame when Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner posted videos of their hit “Poison” on TikTok. Three years have passed since the release of her last album, and now the artist again has something to say, of course, through music. Journalist Ekaterina Krayukhina talked with Erika about the new album “MIRRA”, the domestic music industry and spiritual practices.

At first, of course, I rested, I wanted to reboot. We meet friends, play playstation, walk in the park, go out of town with tents, spend the night in sleeping bags. The rest of the time, especially the last year, I spent on the album: I went to Sochi to see my sound producer and wrote an album with him every day. He didn’t even take a bath. (Smiling.)

Unfortunately. A gap year can relax you a lot, it is very difficult to finish it. You can endlessly bring music to the ideal, and I even thought about postponing the release of the new album to September, but decided that I needed to get together and finish what I started now.

“Etna”. I wrote it two years ago, he opens the record and explains it. On the track, the three-part form, melody line, and genre change three times. The song immediately makes the listener understand what awaits him on the album.

I have become more professional, I learn more tricks, communicate with sound engineers, spend a lot of time in the studio and constantly listen, watch how the masters of our show business work. For example, I watch with great pleasure how Vasya Basta works: how he plays the parts, how he builds the harmony, what plug-ins he uses to record his voice. I look everywhere and then make it into something of my own. My sound producers also like to experiment and sometimes find things that no one else does. The most common question I get from musicians and sound producers is: “How did you get that sound? What is this reception? The funny thing is that my team and myself don’t understand how to do it. Everything is born in the search process, we are simply not afraid to try.

Honestly, no, it’s unlikely. And so everyone copies the sounds, but you want, on the contrary, to protect your uniqueness. This is the only way to get a variety of beautiful melodies and artists. For example, after “Poison”, it became very popular for women to do vocal packs, sing in an ethnic voice, and rap.

I don’t like it when people in your development try to make successful projects with a lot of money. They are moving much more seriously that you are an artist who does everything by himself. The estimates are simple: whoever is more successful is well done. Anyway, it’s great that the listener likes what you bring.

Mirra is the energy that lives in each person and makes him do what he loves every day, live this life, love, contemplate. My myrrh is music. I believe that each person can become happy and fulfilled if he correctly directs her energy.

Also, Mira (Mira Bai – approx. BURO.) is a semi-legendary Rajput princess, poetess, a devoted follower of Sri Krishna, revered in India as a saint.

Yes, I really like everything related to India, but I don’t talk about it much, because people perceive everything related to enlightenment or spiritual practices in a distorted way. Also, many people are trying to make a business out of it. I practice yoga and even traveled to Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga and meditation. The thoughts of Sadhguru (a famous spiritual mentor-approx. BURO.) Resonate with me, because he knows how to describe the truths in simple words, show the right path.

I thought it was impossible to write something moving without internal anguish until I wrote the MIRRA album. The albums “Source” and “22” I wrote from a broken heart, misunderstandings, experiences. I wrote the new album with enthusiasm, with complete love for music. I am a person of integrity, I feel good about myself. If anyone wants to be with me, join me! You can’t cut yourself in half and give half to someone else. You can’t rent half forever.

Vasya Basta – 100%. I often ask for your opinion, I send demos. Kirill T-Fest is a very good friend of mine and an amazing musician. JONY is very supportive and always inspires me with a word. These people are sincere and real, I often keep in touch with them.

Now I’m going to list… Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Fleetwood Mac, Lenny Kravitz. (Laughter.)

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