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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Escaped from Russia? Pack your bags, turn around and come back quickly

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 04:41:50

The island’s authorities frankly describe the behavior of the Russian relocates and Ukrainian fugitives as ugly.

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For more than a year, as for climate refugees – autonomous of all kinds, fleeing the harsh Russian climate in Thailand and Bali – mobilization refugees – relocators have joined. Thousands (!) settle on paradisiacal beaches, which are already bursting. And now the hardening against them began until deportation.

The first to literally howl at the influx of Russians (and Ukrainians, too, there are a lot of them here) was the governor of Bali, Vayan Koster. His harsh speech is now being discussed by all the Indonesian media (and the island of Bali is part of Indonesia). And there was panic at the relocated party. Deportation reports appear almost every day…


Mr. Koster called the behavior of the Russian resettlers and Ukrainian fugitives ugly. “They don’t know anything about discipline. They are behaving inappropriately!” Briefly, their speech is as follows: the Russians in Bali do what they want: they go half-naked, ride motorcycles without rules, and most importantly, they do not rest, but work, taking income from the local population: “They come to the island as tourists, and then they look for profit,” Vayan Koster was outraged.

And although there are many tourists on the fabulous island, 60% of whose income usually depends on vacationers, from all over the world, and especially from Australia, ours and Ukrainians stood out, according to Coster. He has already sent a letter to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding the abolition of the simplified visa procedure for citizens of Russia and Ukraine. He also proposed banning bike rentals to all non-locals. “If you want to go around the island, hire local drivers,” he said.

What is happening on an exotic island that has suddenly become Russified?

– In Ubud (a city in the center of Bali), if you sneeze on the street, they will tell you 5 times: “Be healthy”, says Daria Surdenko, who has lived in Bali for 5 years. – I don’t understand where all these people settled? How did they all get in? This small island is clearly not designed for such a quantity. Prices have skyrocketed this year. First of all, for rent. And for rooms in guest houses, and for luxury villas. Even the “stars” suffer, because before it was possible to rent a villa for 300 thousand rubles a month, and now – only 1.5-2 million. And the traffic jams are now in Bali!

– I was on the island about 4 years ago, there were no crowds on the roads anymore, – I remember. – Only if he’s on a stealth scooter.

– Now you can’t even ride a scooter! Look on the Internet, – laments Daria.

I looked at the bloggers. The moped traffic jam is really creepy. The black creek is like an ant trail, full of two-wheelers. Collapse.

The beaches are also crowded. For a photo in popular temples there are already such queues that coupons with numbers are issued.

– And ours also chase in bathing suits, guys in shorts without T-shirts. No helmets, – continues Daria. – In short, the Bali authorities took control. An order to pinch strangers, those who come and do what they want.

Bali authorities took up arms against tourists from Russia.

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– Do you drink while driving?

– Yes, here and the locals do not hesitate to drink while driving. There are few policemen, and those who remain will be released for a bribe. And then the universal cry: “Vasya (Petya, Nastya …) had an accident, let’s help, collect money for treatment.” No one offers insurance. Save. This is before, when they came here to rest, then they went to cafes, to massages. And now they all tightened their belts. The Russians have a hard time transferring money to Indonesia. They deploy as best they can.


From September 2022 to January 2023 alone, 80,000 Russians and 9,000 Ukrainians flew to Bali. A little over 30 people have been deported (so far?). All ahead?

“It’s just that there are too many of us,” says another expat who has long settled in Bali, Svetlana Zhostikova. She is a pensioner, she came here to take care of her grandchildren, because her daughter married an Indonesian. – And many of our people behave out of the ordinary. And then the country is conservative. Even the law was adopted last year: sexual relations before marriage are prohibited. Do you understand, yes, what are the orders here? But it’s not even about the arrogance of the visitors. And the fact that they began to try to make money here.

And the work of all our trainers, bloggers, fortune tellers, crypto-currencies, illegal travel agents is far from smooth. However, they are on the island on a regular tourist visa, which does not involve work. Even celebrities, who as usual tour the Russian hangouts, have already begun to be kicked out. Comedian Mikhail Shats (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) was deported just on the eve of the concert, the tickets for which, in fact, were already sold out. “I was already backstage. But … ”, – the artist justified himself on social networks.

A similar story happened to Boris Grebenshchikov and the Little Big group …

And it seems that it is tops. Newspapers have already announced that Indonesia is creating a special group that will monitor tourists. Yes, they are already watching!

– They have a service here – it is called timpora – says Svetlana. “This is foreign surveillance. Not for tourists with a return ticket, but for those who have been coming for a long time. A friend’s boyfriend was deported just because he tried to rent a room in a villa she was renting.

Is that also rape?

– Turns out, yes. “I should have contacted a local real estate agent,” they told him. And they were deported. The police escorted him to the plane as a dangerous criminal.

– And now he is in Moscow?

– What do you mean there are no direct flights to Russia. He was ordered to take a ticket with change through Dubai. But he just didn’t go through with it. Donkey in Thailand…


By the way, in Thailand, the country of smiles, longsitters (those who came to live for a long time) have long identified themselves and are trying to earn money here. Do you remember the story of the escort Nastya Rybka? When she and her friend Alex Leslie came to Tai for sex training. All the participants ended up in jail. So did illegal yoga teachers and party planners.

– Everyone now has a question, will you touch those who work remotely? After all, a person just stays here, but does he earn money in Russia? – Experience blogging relocators.

Reports of another unexpected deportation pop up in Russian relocator communities almost every day…

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The delay of a tourist visa here is also severely punished: first a prison, then deportation.

“Now the fans of renting local transport have been taken away,” says Anastasia, a tourist from Russia vacationing on the island of Koh Phangan. – Our Russian rights are not listed here, even for a scooter. Now, right outside supermarkets and restaurants, there are special service vehicles that scan the faces of white people, checking them for violations of immigration laws.

– Well, like everywhere else, prices in Tae have skyrocketed. I remember that 7 years ago they divided all local prices by 3 and in rubles everything cost a penny. Now we multiply by 3. Housing for sensible money cannot be found for a long time, everything is hermetically disassembled. I used to come here with my children to spend the winter for three months. And now, because of all these moves, I barely have money for a month. Whoever you ask, everyone who spends the winter here has the same story: in September they went to Georgia or Armenia, from there to Turkey, and then stretched out to spend the winter on warm shores. Then where? They themselves do not know. And live on what? They have no idea either.

In a word, the tropical is no longer a paradise.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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