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Monday, March 20, 2023
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EU opposition: how to apply for a salary of between 4,100 and 6,000 euros

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:37:07

Approving some opinions is a way to access a permanent and stable job, with a good salary and certain job security. Many people decide every year to take the exams that give access to this type of public job and, although it is a somewhat more unknown modality, these exams can also be completed to work in the European Union.

There are several modalities of access to a paid job in the European institutions. It is possible to opt for temporary, contractual positions, as an expert in a specific matter and, finally, it is possible to work in the Union as permanent civil servants. On a regular basis, the calendars with the exams for the different positions available in the EU come out.

Now, the competition calendar for the European Union civil servants for this 2023 paid in the different departments and sections of the Union is already available.

Calendar of opinions for the European Union 2023

At the moment there are no specific exam dates, but as the official profile “We talk about Europe” announces, it is known in which months the options for the different EU civil servant positions will be held this year.

Specifically, the exam and test sessions will be in May, June, July and September 2023. There are five different types of positions to which you can apply in these exams. The first is for the position of economist and for administrator of intellectual property (both exams in May, categories AD6).

Then, for administrators in the field of crisis, migration and internal security (in June, category AD7) and in the field of transport (in July, same category). Finally, September will be for administrators (AD5 category).

The net salaries for each position depend on the category of the job, with AD7 being the best paid with around 6,000 euros per month, and AD5 with the lowest salary, with 4,100 euros per month.

Change the opposition model for the EU

EPSO has warned that it is developing a simpler and faster opposition model and that, for this reason, the 2023 opinion cycle will not start until May of this year. Although not much news is given in this regard, since greater clarity is expected about the tests to be passed when the exam date approaches and the day and time of the celebration is confirmed, it is known that the tests for the civil servants of the EU try to measure the abilities and skills of the applicants.

On the website of this secretariat it is explained that to show each general opinion it is necessary to create an EPSO account, since it will be the main tool to receive notifications and communications throughout the selection process.

For each position and competition, a call is published specifying all the details on the professional profile, as well as the functions that the civil servant must carry out and the admission criteria and selection processes to obtain the position.

How are some opinions of an official of the European Union

The selection processes in the European examinations are made up of several stages that include various tests with which the basic skills and professional abilities of the applicants are to be evaluated. Thus, there are multiple-choice computer tests of verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning; generic for all positions.

In those more specialized positions, the more specific competencies are also analyzed and, finally, a test is passed before the evaluation center, where the members of the selection panel will evaluate skills such as analysis and problem solving, the ability to establish priorities and the organization, quality and results of the applicants.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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