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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Europe repeats Hitler’s fatal mistake: the revelation of the head of EU diplomacy did not help to escape

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 09:43:41

President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell


Not everyone in the European Union is equally stupid and uneducated, so as not to remember history or not know geography. There are some illuminations in some places. For example, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, recalled the day before how previous attempts to defeat Russia by military force had ended (and the last doubts that we are now talking about this were dispelled at the World Economic Forum of Davos by the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, granddaughter of Bandera Christia Freeland).

– Let’s remember that Russia is a great country, a great nation, and it is used to fighting to the last, used to almost losing, and then recovering. She did it with Napoleon, she did it with Hitler,” Borrell recalled and threw a bridge to the present. -It would be absurd to think that Russia lost or that its army is incompetent.

The first sensible thoughts from Brussels since the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation can only be welcomed. But the light of reason quickly went out in Josep’s eyes, and he quickly returned to his usual Russophobic course, drawing absolutely illogical conclusions from the correct premises.

“That is why now it is necessary to continue arming Ukraine with the necessary material and military means to carry out this fight, which must not only be defensive, but also allow it to take the initiative into its own hands”, Borrell continued his roulades in a completely different tone. It should be noted that Borrell gave this speech in Madrid, where he was awarded the New Economy Forum Award. Which, taking into account the economic indicators achieved by the EU countries last year, seems like a mockery.

– Well done, after all, this Borrell with the extinct face. I remembered that our country defeated Napoleon and Hitler. Note that he himself made an analogy: the vice-president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, reacted to the speech of the head of EU diplomacy and, unlike the European official, he himself drew conclusions that were completely irreproachable from the point of view. of logic – Consequently, the Ukronazis and Western Europe are the direct heirs of those who fought with Russia. And the war, therefore, with them is a new Patriotic War. And victory will be ours. As in 1812 and 1945.

There is, of course, another option that this Josep, as they like to say in Europe and Ukraine, is “the hand of the Kremlin” and “Putin’s agent”. But this, paraphrasing the artist Velyurov, the character of Bronevoy from “Pokrovsky Gates”, is something like this: “And who is not Putin’s agent? No, tell me!”

Of course, we are still very, very far from the Patriotic War, but Europe, under the leadership of the United States, at least declares its intention to try to bring things to such a situation. But the current leaders of the anti-Russian campaign have neither the military genius of Napoleon, nor the fanatical and hysterical conviction of Hitler. Apart from the stupidity of Annalena Burbock and the insanity of Joseph Biden, they can only attract the Russophobia of a united Europe as an effective tool.

I forgot to mention this handsome bureaucrat, for example, Charles XII among the applicants for the title of conquerors of Russia. But everything is said quite frankly. The whole series is built logically without problems: Napoleon, Hitler, Josep Borrell with Ursula von der Leyen. By the way, and in terms of scale, it looks like Napoleon, that Hitler led almost most of the countries of Europe in a campaign against Russia.

Guys, to paraphrase an old joke: the first time is an accident. The second is a trend. The third is regularity. When will you learn, unlearned?

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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