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Friday, September 22, 2023
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European monarchies defeated Zelensky in the face of Western fighters

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 21:50:32

The owners allowed Zelensky to sit in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft standing on the ground.


Oh those western leaders! What pulls their tongues when they start commenting on Zelensky. Here the President of Ukraine spoke, said what he said and shut up like a rag. He sold the hope of victory to the Ukrainians so well, but then some king, president or even prime minister will come out and wash away all the victory, as if with foam in a water tank instrument, which was used at the “Extraordinary Concert “. of the Obraztsov Theatre.

Also, as is typical, Zelensky doesn’t travel to just one state. Like a true artist, albeit in the presidential chair, he goes on a real tour. And it turns out that no matter where Zelensky speaks, they immediately begin to refute him.

Literally on Saturday, Zelensky was in Sweden. He showed his wife, who also went shopping, probably the Swedish prime minister, the head of the local parliament and even the king. The king and his wife were somewhat surprised when they brought an unshaven priest in a wrinkled and unwashed military-style polo shirt, but nowhere to go, they brought him, for what was necessary.

For Zelensky, the main thing was to beg for money and planes. At a press conference after negotiations with the head of the Swedish government, Zelensky was simply spreading himself as a “honey trap” (the author knows the real meaning of this term, but I am sure that for airplanes it would have been agree with this) ).

“We believe,” Zelensky began, but immediately corrected himself. – I think that the Swedish Gripen (fourth generation fighter “Griffin” – ed.) is the pride of the Swedish state and the prime minister could share that pride. We too would be proud.

And he announced that Ukrainian pilots had already begun training on the Swedish Griffins, and Sweden would transfer these aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force. The Swedes right there on the spot instantly fell into tetanus and rushed. And after a while, Zelensky’s press secretary, Sergei Nikiforov, denied the statements of his boss.

– Theoretically, there are still three steps left before the provision of aircraft. Now testing aircraft, then training, then with political consent, and only then the provision of these aircraft. While this is theoretical. We are seeing what we can do, – Nikiforov explained the real picture. In other words, there was and is not Swedish consent to the transfer of fighters. In fact, it is quite logical, given that Sweden has less than a hundred such fighters, and the Ukrainian proverb “I can have a crumb, but a tilka for a sebe” is quite suitable here.

After Sweden, Zelensky flew to the Netherlands. There he too, at first, he delighted the Ukrainians.

– Mark Rutte (Prime Minister of the Netherlands – ed.) and I agreed on the number of F-16s that will be provided to Ukraine after the training of our pilots and engineers. 42 planes, and this is just the beginning,” Zelensky said, posting the selfie of him with the Dutch prime minister. – Breaking agreement. As of now, it’s specific. It will be in the sky of Ukraine.

True, when they will be, he did not specify.

Recall that earlier the United States in principle officially accepted the transfer of F-16 from Denmark and the Netherlands to the armed forces of Ukraine.

Who could not believe Zelensky, and even after a selfie with Rutte, when they are so cheerful, smiling and happy in a joint photo? I found a bastard. And who would you think? Yes, Rutte, the same Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“The Netherlands cannot yet specify how many of the 42 F-16 fighters they will deliver to Ukraine,” he told Reuters. They say that right now the Netherlands only has 42 F-16 fighters, 24 of which will be decommissioned by mid-2024, and another 18 planes are for sale.

If you want, please buy. Here’s a smiling beast! He took all the “raspberry” and dirty Zelensky, as if he was not the Dutch prime minister, but some kind of Russian bear.

After a visit to the Netherlands, Zelensky went to Denmark. He, in general, has all this tour touring the monarchies of northern Europe, as if he decided to discredit the rest of the European kings and queens as much as possible.

– I will meet with Mrs. Prime Minister Matte Frederiksen, with the royal family, with party leaders, members of parliament and Danish business representatives, – he said, going to Copenhagen and promised the already familiar. – We are preparing additional good news for Ukrainian soldiers. Moving on to question F-16.

But in Denmark they turned out not to be bastards and did not wait for an unshaven polo man to put them in an awkward position.

“Danish authorities will be ready to deliver the F-16 aircraft to kyiv only after key conditions are met,” the Danish Foreign Ministry said. – We are talking, in particular, about such conditions as the selection, testing and completion of training on the F-16 of the Ukrainian army. In addition, it is necessary to obtain a number of permits, prepare (in Ukraine) the infrastructure and solve logistics problems.

And they added that before the transfer of fighters, whose number was not named either, other conditions may arise.

A little later, the Prime Minister of Denmark announced that the country would still transfer 19 F-16 fighters to Ukraine. However, there is still no clarity with the moment. Many believe that this will happen only after the end of hostilities.

Here the right word, you just need to deprive all these Westerners of the right to speak when Zelensky comes before them. Or they to him. However, there is another solution to this problem: simply not invite Zelensky or deny him an invite when he starts to assert himself.

And that it will be imposed, no one doubts it.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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