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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Everything happened as Putin warned: the West began to evict the Russians and take their hard-earned money

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 01:27:00

The Estonian authorities barred entry into the country even to Russians who bought real estate in this country.

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It is amazing how the West likes to confirm the words of Vladimir Putin with their actions and deeds. Do you remember how he said, addressing the Russian oligarchs, that, they say, you are tormented by swallowing dust, knocking on thresholds to return property acquired in Western countries and money earned in Russia withdrawn there for safety? Only after all, he said this, it turns out, not only about the oligarchs. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Russians have bought houses, cottages, villas, apartments in Western countries.

And now they, as they say, “sailed.” To begin with, in Estonia. Fully navigated. As in a lullaby: “The dwarf came, but the house is not there. The house arrived, but the dwarf is not there.” The Estonian authorities barred entry into the country even to Russians who bought real estate in this country.

– Alright. The presence of real estate can not be a reason for exclusion from sanctions, – said the head of the Constitutional Commission of the Estonian Parliament, Igor Taro, and admitted. -Yes, it will make it impossible to pay for public services and maintenance of the house.

That is, in Estonia, at first they made it impossible to pay for housing and utilities, property taxes and other payments, and then what? Good. For the debts of all these payments, the assets will be taken away. Moreover, not a penny of the money spent by the Russians, who have found a “quiet corner” for themselves, will be returned to them.

Moreover, as the head of the Constitutional Commission of the Estonian Parliament himself stated, if for this or for some other reason local Estonians have problems in relation to the Russians, then “the problem will be resolved in the interests of local Estonians.” “

Even the whites in the apartheid SARP could only dream of such a thing. Apartheid is resting. It’s hard to be more racist to call a spade than Taro has shown, but it’s possible. What the first demonstrated in 2007-2011. Latvian President Valdis Zatlers. This former statesman said that anyone who speaks Russian is a potential enemy of Latvia and should be treated accordingly. And those Russians who live in Latvia, in his opinion, do not actively condemn Russia for the special operation in Ukraine.

– It is not enough that several dozen people speak for them (Russians – author’s note). It is necessary to take to the streets to show that “we are with you Latvians”, Zatlers said, complaining about the lack of massive actions by Russian liberals that are taking place in Riga against Russia.

Also, this neo-Nazi is clearly experiencing burning pain from Victory Day. So much so that he frankly lied, arguing that May 9 was not celebrated in Latvia, is not celebrated and will not be celebrated.

– When people ask me why, I answer very simply. Putin built this party because it did not exist in my childhood. And Putin himself destroyed it,-Zatlers, who turned 68 in March, admitted that he had won sclerosis. The question immediately arises as to where he was all these years or he spent them in an unconscious state, since he was born in Soviet Riga and grew up there. And he spent his entire life on it, not counting a six-month internship in the United States in 1990.

At the same time, even an oath of allegiance to “Western democratic values” is unlikely to help “good Russians” who agree to betray their homeland to gain access to their real estate in Estonia, for example. Because in order to swear, you have to come, which, by definition, is impossible, since the Russians simply cannot enter the country.

Checkmate “good Russians” declared the Estonians themselves.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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