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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Everything will be taken from them at the border: the European Union has banned Russians from importing cars, suitcases and even toilet paper

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 21:44:07

From the depths of the local bureaucracy a law arose that prohibited citizens of the Russian Federation from importing into the territory of the EU… and almost everything


Ten packages of EU sanctions against Russia have gone down in history. But they did not achieve their objectives. They practically did not shake the country’s economy and most ordinary people did not notice these restrictions at all. Well, it has become more difficult to obtain visas for hostile countries; The validity of Russian bank cards has been canceled there. But our people cannot be intimidated by the difficulties: the flow of tourists, students and various specialists to the West, although it has decreased, has not completely stopped. “Oh, then,” they fumed at the “flowering garden” that their leaders consider the EU to be, “we will now lower such a barrier that you will not be able to jump over!”

And now, from the depths of the local bureaucracy, a law has emerged that prohibits citizens of the Russian Federation from importing into the territory of the EU… well, almost everything. Already in the summer it was announced that vehicles with Russian license plates would be prohibited from crossing the border. It became impossible to swim in European sea and river waters on boats, motor boats and yachts. A little later, smartphones and other devices were included in the list of dropouts.

And now Brussels has published the entire blacklist, the knowledge of which raises serious doubts about the adequacy of its compilers.

So if you’re wearing fur or leather, take it off! If you bring a photo or video camera to take pictures of places of interest, hand it over! Jewelry on your fingers, ears and neck? It’s not allowed, we accept it! What else is in the suitcase: cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoo? Remove immediately and leave! And now suitcases and bags are also prohibited. But in terms of absurdity, everything else surpassed the taboo of carrying… toilet paper. Here you go, nasty Russians: if you want to visit the “free world”, you will walk around naked and dirty.

The idiotic explanation for the bans is to prevent the illegal trade of cars, stones and other items in the EU. Customs is on guard. The sanctions against pipifax are especially impressive. Although, maybe there is a shortage of this in Europe? Assurances that all of the above are personal items are not taken into account. They intend not only to ban them, but also… to confiscate them at the border. Forever. For example, in Germany seized cars are sold and the proceeds are used to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

And these people teach us democracy…

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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