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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Evgeny Dyatlov divorced his third wife for a beautiful assistant?

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 05:25:41

Actor Yevgeny Dyatlov and his wife Yulia Dzherbinova

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

“The best singer among the actors”, the heartthrob Evgeny Dyatlov will celebrate his anniversary this year – on March 2, the artist will be 60 years old. And how can one hold back the notorious “Who will give it?”, When Dyatlov is still brutal, fit, younger and still like the ladies. And they are for him.


Until recently, Yevgeny Dyatlov called his third wife, Yulia Dzherbinova, the main woman in his life, with whom he had been happily married since 2007. They met at work: both actors played together in a play with the symbolic name “Dangerous Liaisons.” “. The novel broke out after another essay, although the artist was married at that time.

“I am very jealous of Zhenya,” Yulia shared in an interview a few years ago. – I was not born yesterday, so I know for sure: sometimes a family collapses over a cup of coffee, which one of the spouses accepts, not wanting to say anything “such”. After all, Zhenya and I “drank coffee” just like that. At first we just talked, then we started to feel attracted and one fine day we realized that we wanted to be together.

At first, the actor was torn between his beloved woman and his family: his wife Ekaterina, an assistant director at the Lenfilm studio, and their son Fedya. When the wife found out about everything, the office romance had lasted for a year. A difficult conversation followed, followed by a divorce.

– There was a crisis period in life, I met another – it happens, – the artist told about his second marriage. – I did not tell my wife Katerina about the betrayal, everything was revealed without my participation. There was an experience: in the first student marriage (with actress Daria Yurgens, who gave birth to Dyatlov’s son Yegor.-Ed.), I confessed to my wife that she had cheated on her with a theater colleague. I still regret this. After that, I went to the priest and explained the situation. The father replied that it was impossible to do so. He says: “It became easier for you, but not for your wife.” It was better to come and confess to him. Since then, I have not told women about this.


For the sake of Dyatlov, the third wife was ready for anything: Dzherbinova left the profession and went about her husband’s affairs; she became the 24/7 manager and assistant to her. When the actor traveled around the country on tour, Julia ran after him, although it was not always convenient – the couple went on all trips with their little daughter Varya.

In order to give her beloved man a child, Yulia had to decide on an IVF procedure and not even one. For this reason, when the actress became a mother at the age of 37, she dedicated herself completely to her family. And in order not to repeat the mistakes of her predecessors, she controlled every step of her husband, honestly admitting: “I’m afraid they will take him away.”

– I feel this control, – said the artist. – Sometimes he pushes me, he makes an effort. The phrase constantly dominates me: “Zhenya, do not look around!”. But such behavior of the spouse must be understood and accepted. Otherwise, you will be doomed to a constant and exhausting battle.


It seems that this control did not end in anything good: since last year, the handsome actor has been appearing at social events with a completely different woman. At the same time, the always closed Dyatlov does not make statements about the divorce, and everywhere he depicts the blonde partner as the director of him Daria Travnikova. However, fans do not believe this version.

Evgeny Dyatlov and Daria Travnikova on the set of Stas Yarushin’s YouTube show.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

– Do directors hug each other by the waist? – they comment on social networks on general photos of the couple, in which they pose for nothing like colleagues.

“This is a wife, not a director,” they say in the comments.

Together with Daria last year, the actor already appeared on the red carpet of the Trans-Baikal Film Festival, at the presentation of the film award, and just before the New Year – at the secular premiere of the film Olivier. And he every time he broke the unspoken rule that you should not appear on camera with an assistant. After all, all artists have assistants, but none of them pose on the red carpet or appear in gossip.

– There are different rumors. Well, what do you want, Dyatlov in his 60s is a handsome man. I heard that he divorced his wife in 2021 and had already managed to remarry, a friend of the artist shared with KP.RU. – It seems that there is a child there, but what evidence can there be? People talk, but no one held a candle…


“Eugene is not married”

However, Daria Travnikova herself, to a direct question, whether it is possible to congratulate them with Evgeny Dyatlov on their wedding, answered vaguely, only confirming the information about the divorce.

– Direct answer: Eugene is not married, – Daria laughed. – What they write on social networks, I did not see. I’m their manager, so we attend some work events together.

But the actor himself and his ex-wife did not return calls from KP.RU.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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