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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Evgeny Gavrilov, winner of the Krasnoyarsk stage of the national award “Student of the Year” in the nomination “Public Worker of the Year”: “Young people want to build their own rocket”

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 06:12:31

Evgeny Gavrilov, winner of the Krasnoyarsk stage of the national award “Student of the Year”

Photo: Andrei MINAEV

The All-Russian Student Forum “Your Movement” is held in Moscow. Evgeny Gavrilov, winner of the Krasnoyarsk stage of the national “Student of the Year” award in the “Public Activist of the Year” nomination, visits the open studio of the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group. He now he participates in the final stage of the Student of the Year award. What does it bring to him and to society as a whole?


– Eugene, congratulations on the award you received for winning the nomination “Public Worker of the Year” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of the “Student of the Year” contest.

– Thank you!

– What do you need to do, what background do you have to become the main public figure in the region?

– The Student of the Year competition is held in all regions of Russia. There are different nominations, stages, tests. I set myself the task as simple as possible: say in three minutes why I claim to be a public figure. Of course, before that, of course, it was necessary to submit a questionnaire, attach a folder, confirm it, go to the qualification stage, pass it, pass the stage at the university. But the most important thing is, of course, the background. Sovskills, hardskills, buzzwords that are in use today – this is all that we acquire when implementing projects.

I am a versatile person, I participated in various contests and projects. And, you know, I honestly don’t like pageants. I much prefer being on the part of the organizers. When you work as a grantee on a project, you look at it from a slightly different angle. I am very glad that today I can show by my example that social activists are not only those who miss lectures, the preparation of all kinds of KVN, festivals, master classes and something else. Public activists are those who are willing to do a little more for their environment than others in the first place. Participation in the projects of the House of Youth allows you to assess whether you are really so cool.

Yes, it may turn out that you are the first in town, but the last in town. But at the same time, it’s important to continue developing your region to improve your experience. In that sense, my task is to see what practices the regions have. Our country is huge, young people are engaged in completely different areas.

– Tell us about you. How did you bribe the jury at the regional level?

– I am Evgeny Gavrilov, a graduate of the Rosmolodezh Generation Voice program, a professor of the Russian Knowledge Society, Chairman of the Youth Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Vice-Chairman of the Association of Youth Governments of the Russian Federation. He is a second-year master’s student at the Flagship University of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. I have a brother Vova, he will be one year old in December. Well, in parallel with everything else, I am the same person to whom you can sometimes write on VKontakte and I will help you and tell you what areas, what grant competitions are possible. I am a Rosmolodezh expert since this year. I notice in different directions and, probably, with such a load, my performance at the university could be below average, but this is not so, because one of the conditions of the competition, which includes a high average score. Therefore, I continue to study almost perfectly.


– Why are you interested in youth policy?

– I help my colleagues and other people to develop. There is a big problem. The country has a huge number of competitions, events, projects. Without exaggeration, Russia is a country of opportunities. But when we talk about the specific practice of participating in them, then some stumps appear. My task is to help overcome these stumps.

In short, there are young people who “want, want, want.” And when it comes to business and needing to write a grant application or enter a contest, young people can run into some trouble. My task is to support, praise, somewhere to help fill out a grant application. Over the past two years, we have helped attract more than 34 million rubles to the region. And these are really young guys’ projects that you can find on my VKontakte wall.

– What are these projects?

– Above all social. By the way, we often have the support of the regional “Komsomolskaya Pravda” of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. For which many thanks to her!

Projects can be directed to different spheres of life. Of course, this is an educational format. Last year, we implemented the Siberian Heritage project for young people: it is about preserving traditional cultural values, about developing the institution of the family.

He organized an exhibition of contemporary art. The problem of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Siberian Federal District as a whole is a large number of young people who write their works but do not exhibit them. As part of the scholarship, we help them create the conditions for the correct presentation of themselves. The key factor was that almost all of the post-exhibition works passed into private collections within a few days. I mean, he says the play is really interesting.

If we are talking about deeper things, then the youth government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory continues to implement a youth platform within the framework of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. This is a gigantic initiative, where our task is to create a dialogue between government, business and youth.

There are youth communities in the region. For example, engineers. The guys from Krasnoyarsk, on the basis of one of the universities, decided to assemble a certain cell, the main task of which is to promote employment and industrial tourism. We also help. Of course, I’m not doing all this alone. Now I head the Youth Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, we have a whole team of 50 people, where everyone tries to help as much as possible.


– Titles – social activist of the year, student of the year – what do they give?

– In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the winner of the Public Worker of the Year nomination receives a governor’s award of 100,000 rubles. And this is probably one of the characteristics of the regional scenario. But now you think about what, yes, then we find someone to spend 100 thousand rubles! I am a paying student, I only have the last semester of study left at my university, and I know where I will spend my 100 thousand rubles.

Participation in the federal project “Student of the Year”, in the nomination “Public Man”, gives first of all experience. We are learning to introduce ourselves. Project alumni from previous years are also visible in staff appointments.

– That is, “open doors”?

– Included. In other words, when we talk about the social ladder, today’s young people can promote themselves through projects, through contests. I do not hide the fact that I really want to work in my region. I understand that for me such a competition is a kind of opportunity to show myself. I am still a student looking for a job.

Yesterday, at the presentation, some guys began their speech with the phrase: “In 2050, I will be the president of the Russian Federation.” Then they spoke to them: how so? And they answer me: well look, if my goal is to become president, but I stop in the middle, it will be comfortable for me.

– That is, they believe that the swing should be big.

– Yes. But it seems to me that, of course, you can speak out loud, but you have to show your facts. In my presentation, the ending was my favorite: get it right and don’t get it wrong. This is a very simple phrase, for one thing. And on the other hand, indeed, if we create good opportunities for today’s youth, they respond with their reciprocity, their trust, their support. When we say that big things start with small steps, it’s true. Zhenya Gavrilov, I’m talking about myself, was generally a musician, studied at the music and theater gymnasium, and considered the state economy and municipal administration to be something wrong. I graduated in theatrical art and played the violin, it seems, already once. At the time, I had no idea how our regional government was organized. Today you understand how your house works, how your district works, how your region works. And the requests are changing!

I understand that I want to develop my Krasnoyarsk Territory. Working directly in the direction that interests me is youth policy. Today I understand that all those initiatives that I can implement at the city, regional, or university level, can be useful tomorrow. And I’m sure our world will be a little better through small acts.


– Now that you participate in the federal competition, what conclusions have you already drawn for yourself?

– Leaving the comfort zone not only changes, but makes you work and adapt in a different way. The day before yesterday we returned from Nizhny Novgorod, there was a competition for the best youth government. We proved that among more than 70 youth governments of the country, the youth government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is the best. And it’s not just about getting some kind of diploma there and everything will end there. This is painstaking work and a very close and understandable dialogue between the authorities, public figures and companies. This is a direct interaction that is building, and I can already say today that the team I lead has really shown over the last year that it is the best in the country.

We caught such a moment yesterday. Look, we don’t like this, this and this. How can we fix this? And we quickly sorted everything out. And I think it’s a choice. When all conditions are created for you, this is understandable. When you influence these processes, you form a program, gather experts, invite and interact; this builds the process in a completely different way. And when we say that today’s young people should not just be given a big sandbox and three scoops, that young people want to build their own scoop, their own rocket, their own car, it seems to me that these are the challenges which we are facing. you can meet today.

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