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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Expert Daineko told how not to fall into the trap of KXan credit scammers 36 Daily News

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:45:51

The fact is that not everyone knows how to correctly refinance a loan and whether such a banking service is available specifically for them, and this increases the chances of confusion, instilling false confidence in the simplicity and profitability of the offer and forcing them to take rashly . actions, for example, transferring money to a “secure account”, providing bank/personal information, etc., the expert noted. In addition, a decision in such situations, as a rule, is required immediately (he is told that the offer is limited, and time is about to expire, “now or never”), and the person does not have time to understand what is happening.

If such proposals are received, in no case should one lose their composure, Daineko said.

It must be remembered that any financial decision requires a preliminary analysis, a critical look at what is happening. Regardless of what is offered, special attention must be paid to what is being asked to be done. The expert noted that if you are asked to urgently fill out a questionnaire using a link sent by a scammer, provide personal data or PIN codes of cards, or transfer to a third-party account, then this is a reason to stop and think.

“The necessary actions are of key importance, not the words and explanations of a scammer. It is never necessary to do something in a hurry and give in to pressure. The very pressure of a “specialist” is already a reason to stop the interaction.” Daineko emphasized.

The expert gave some advice on how to act in a similar situation.

First of all, remember that you can find out about refinancing programs yourself: study the offers of the different banks and apply.

Second, if the scammer’s offer contains extremely favorable terms, such as refinancing in the presence of delinquent loan payments, a below-market interest rate, or easy registration “no income or guarantors” in five minutes, this It’s a guaranteed fraud.

“Not a single credit institution will attract problem customers or offer unprofitable loan terms. The phrases “state program”, “state support” and “personal offer” should not be misleading either,” the expert explained.

Third, he noted that a person often believes the caller, mainly because the “specialist” knows the full name, existing loan information, and other personal information.

“It’s simple: scammers often use combined databases. Leaks from different places are combined into one database, which can contain extensive information about a person, such as their credit history, marital status, hobbies, and not just their name. with a phone number. Therefore, you should take into account that any information must be verified: write the full name of the “specialist”, his number and call the official phone of the mentioned bank to clarify. And in no case should you use the links and phone numbers provided by callers or writers,” Daineko said.

If, under the influence of a fraudster, information / data was disclosed (or a money transfer was made), you should urgently contact your bank and report what happened, write an application to cancel the payment, and also provide all known information : the phone number of the caller, account number for the transfer, so that these data can be verified later, and the account and phone number. They were blacklisted. The expert also advised to immediately contact the police with a statement about the commission of fraudulent activities.

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