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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Expert: directors of social facilities should not be the clients of construction – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 15:26:29

What are the contracts? As a general rule, financing comes from the budgets of the three levels: federal, regional and municipal. Most of the funds, of course, are allocated by the federal treasury within the framework of some specific program, the ministry becomes the holder of the subsidies, through which the programs are carried out. It doesn’t have to be about the ministry.

At the same time, in fact, the work often results in almost capital construction, but the program concerns reconstruction, since otherwise it is extremely difficult to obtain financing. For such projects, people without specialized education are appointed as clients of services – the heads of organizations in which repairs are planned. When asked by the district authorities what this is related to, they answered that the social institutions are in the operational management of the leaders, therefore, they must be responsible for their facilities.

A classic example of such a situation is the story in Arzgir, where Yulia Pronina, head of school N 1, became a client for the reconstruction of an educational institution worth about 280 million rubles. The contractor, after receiving part of the funds, abandoned the facility due to problems with the project. The situation now depends on the court to resolve. The continuation of this story should be expected next year, when 10 schools in Stavropol will be closed for reconstruction. In each of them, those responsible will be designated as clients of the services. Repairs are already underway at two city schools; work there is 30-40 percent complete.

At the same time, there is a practice when capital construction projects are managed by technical customers, that is, specialized specialists, for example, in Stavropol, although not at all facilities.

Builders do not want to take responsibility for adjusting the estimated design and documentation, as law enforcement officers may later find a component of corruption in this

The officials declare that they will not leave in trouble those who were appointed responsible for multi-million dollar construction projects and remind the existence of Stroykontrol. But this department supervises the compliance of the work with design estimates (DED) or estimates. If there are deviations, which often happens, this is beyond the competence of Stroykontrol. Your employees can only recommend something, but they have no responsibility for the decisions that the customer will make.

And an experienced contractor who knows how to carry out paper correspondence with the client in accordance with the letter of the law, when faced with some deviations from the design and estimate documentation, only informs the other party to the contract about this. written. Builders do not want to take responsibility for adjusting the estimated design and documentation, as law enforcement officers may later find a corruption component in this. However, the decision must be made and the client, represented by the director of the social institution, runs from one place to another without knowing what to do.

For example, during the repair it turns out that the building has crooked walls. This is not indicated in the documents, only plaster is provided, say, with a thickness of 1.5-2 centimeters. The contractor addresses the client in writing and informs about the possible negative consequences if he continues with the project. And here the director of a school, kindergarten or any other similar institution needs to weigh all the pros and cons, that is, to have knowledge that he simply does not have and should not have. And he is left alone with his problem.

As for the situation in Arzgir, now Yulia Pronina has become the client for the reconstruction of three more buildings on the territory of the long-suffering school. The amount of the contract was 46.6 million rubles. According to the analysis, it will be possible to complete it in eight months. But there is not enough money for the entire scope of work, as the price fell 15 percent at the end of the auction, to about 39 million rubles. In addition, it affects the state of affairs in the labor and construction materials markets. In addition, unforeseen works related to the structural design of buildings may occur during repair.

In such a situation, it is logical, for example, to direct all efforts to two buildings, repair them there and put them into operation, and leave the third building for later. But how can a person without special knowledge make an informed and informed decision?

A logical question arises: can the head of the institution refuse such responsibility and not become a client of a multi-million dollar contract? Actually yes, but I only know of one such example. At the same time, the director of a school in Stavropol resigned shortly after being offered responsibility for the repairs. Although we can only guess at the true reasons for the dismissal, however, I am afraid that otherwise it will not work to give up new powers.

In the management of the Stavropol capital construction, they say that they do not have enough funds to maintain specialists and assign them to each object. Although the authorities use the services of an expert organization, which is paid regularly. Third-party specialists do not assume any responsibility for technical decisions made by the customer, they can only make recommendations.

I think we need to optimize this structure, reject the services of intermediaries and hire more specialized specialists. Then everyone will do their own thing: teachers will teach children, builders will build, and the budget will not suffer million-dollar losses.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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