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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Experts: Children of immigrants should be taught Russian before going to school KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 14:36:28

Problems with foreign phones practically did not affect elite schools. This is due to the fact that several schools have a competitive selection. And even if it is not there, and the school is especially popular, the places are mostly occupied by children of preferential categories.

There is no problem in schools with an in-depth study of foreign languages. It is clear to everyone: a child who does not yet speak Russian will not be able to immediately start a massive study of a foreign language. As Galina Ermakova, the director of school N 347 with an in-depth study of the English language, clarified, there are very few children of immigrants from the former republics of the USSR, and they all speak Russian perfectly, because they come from families that moved. a long time ago and managed to fully adapt in our society.

In addition, there are schools with a large number of foreign phones not only in rapidly developing microdistricts.

– Our school, which has a high rating, was joined last year by another one with a low rating, where there are a lot of foreign phones. And we saw “compact registration places” for migrants in the old buildings. We have houses of old construction, where there are many pensioners, some of them register dozens of migrants under some conditions. And all the children of the visitors legally go to school at the place of registration, – said Yuri Starikov, director of school N 106.

Children’s knowledge of the Russian language is not tested. When filling out the migration documents, parents are asked if their children know Russian, and, of course, they receive a positive answer.

– We are faced with the fact that even children who studied Russian in their country of residence do not know it at all. A boy comes to us, having completed the first grade with the study of the Russian language in his homeland. That is, he must be enrolled in the second class. We talk with the boy and find out: he does not even know the alphabet, – Starikov emphasizes.

It is clear that a teacher in a class where there are many children who do not speak Russian is forced, first of all, to focus on them. As a result, the quality of education for Russian speakers suffers.

– And it is very difficult to leave the child for the second year, you need the consent of the parents. If there are none, they are forced to fail academically to the next class. And the problem is growing like a snowball,” says Starikov.

On the rights of anonymity, the director of one of the schools, where there are a lot of foreign phones, told RG that there are difficulties not only with children, but also with parents who can put pressure on the school administration in every way. . forcing them to transfer an underachieving child to the next class. There is also a problem with teachers: first of all, not everyone agrees to work with foreigners. Secondly, they get used to putting three instead of two. There are problems associated with mentality, cultural characteristics. For example, girls can come to class wearing hijabs. Offenses between foreigners are a separate issue. So what is to be done? It is clear that our labor market will not survive without immigrants. Moreover, if the previous people came from families where the Russian language was preserved, now, more and more, those who come do not know the language.

– The law should introduce a clear test system: what class you know, in this you go. And bring back the repeater system. There must be a rigid framework that is transparent and understandable to parents. To realize: you do not need to look for alternative solutions, but to educate the child. It’s better to spend a year or two in further education than then the kid will set the whole class back. And there is a need for a system of teaching the Russian language in the “countries of origin”, and with compulsory final tests, so that parents understand which class their children can apply to, – says Vadim Kozhenov, an expert in working with immigrants. . .

– It is necessary to set the condition for knowledge of the Russian language, Russian culture. Simply bringing immigrants in that way will further exacerbate the problem. We will not close the staffing shortage with internal migration. And the test of knowledge of Russian must be on arrival in Russia, – says Dmitry Solonnikov, director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development.

But the creation of special classes for visitors in schools, first of all, is not spelled out in the education law and educational programs. Secondly, as the Kalininsky district administration emphasizes, there is no need for such classes. It is more profitable to conduct additional classes in schools. What is being done.

There are various foundation courses, there is an online platform “Children are here”, designed for different levels of knowledge of Russian, but it is still not enough. But most importantly: there is no clear, legally formalized and unified system of teaching the Russian language.

Experts believe that one of the good options would be the introduction of a “university system” of training foreign students in the education of children. So that even before school, foreigners who do not know Russian would have studied it. But again, a legal framework is needed.


Severin Grechany, chief child psychiatrist from St. Petersburg:

– As a doctor knowledgeable in child psychology, behavior patterns in childhood and adolescence, faced with the reaction of students to a too voluminous school curriculum, I can say one thing: a child must learn a program that corresponds to his real capabilities in the moment. ! And if the student cannot master the standard program, then he should be offered a light version. Do not transfer from one class to another with triple conditionals, but give a different program. And this is regardless of nationality. Pulling “by the ears” is tense for the child himself.

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