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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Experts discuss creating a “tech dome” to protect Russians from phone scammers

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:37:33

Photo: Sergey TARASOV

The scale of financial fraud has become so large that ways to combat it are already being discussed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. A meeting between banks, mobile operators and regulators on the topic: “Telephone fraud in Russia: the market fights back” was held in T-Dvor on Wednesday. KP.RU tells what the experts were talking about.

Millions of calls

First, some statistics. Every day, scammers make about 8 million calls to Russians, and taking into account instant messaging services and other communication channels, this figure rises to 15 million. These figures translate into 13 million attempted theft of funds totaling 2 trillion rubles. Most of them have cut off the anti-fraud mechanisms of the Central Bank, banks and mobile phone operators. But some attempts were still successful.

– If we talk about figures and absolute losses, according to the results of the first quarter, the damage amounted to 4 billion rubles. The amount increased by 8%,” said Vadim Uvarov, director of the information security department of the Bank of Russia.

The Central Bank is already actively fighting fraudsters. For example, last year, telecommunications operators were ordered to block almost 576,000 phone numbers that attackers used to steal funds from citizens. In addition, starting in July of this year, a law will come into force that will increase the responsibility of banks for transfers in favor of fraudsters. But the Central Bank considers that new tools and legislative initiatives are still needed.


Financial market players are developing their own products to protect clients. And some are willing to share their work with colleagues.

– We are ready to transfer our know-how – Neuroshield. It is a technology that has been working for more than a year and protects T-Mobile subscribers from scammers,” said Oleg Zamiralov, director of T-Zashchita.

According to him, the system blocks 27 million calls every month and also cancels fraudulent calls right at the moment of the conversation. The detection accuracy is 99%. And then the signal is sent that the client was in contact with the fraudster, and now it is advisable to follow his subsequent transactions more closely.

– Operators and banks will be able to develop their synergies, create analogues of services that provide protection and guarantee compensation. For example, “we will protect or return money” from T-Bank and other proprietary plugins, Oleg Zamiralov said.

The beginning is already done. T-Bank is testing the connection of Neuroshield with other operators.

Photo: Sergey TARASOV

Gray SIM cards

One way to reduce the effectiveness of scam calls is to clean up the mobile phone industry. Some of the measures have already worked.

– Crime from the real sector is moving to the digital sector and becoming more complicated. Our Anti-Fraud system has been successfully launched. It allows you to prevent number spoofing in real time. These calls are not missed. But there are still gray SIM cards, SIM boxes and deepfakes, all of which still have to be fought. As with instant messaging calls. There is a lot of work ahead,” said Alexander Shoitov, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Media.

In his opinion, a series of measures will help. Among them: strict identification of subscribers when purchasing SIM cards, limiting unwanted calls and creating a single resource to combat fraud, which will include banks, mobile operators and government agencies.

– We are close to the idea of ​​creating a bridge between citizens (victims), banks (who receive complaints from victims), operators (who can track and block fraudulent traffic) and regulators (who can punish and fine to small operators). that serves call centers, those passing through traffic,” added Oleg Zamiralov.

Such a center will solve the problem of virtual switchboards and gray SIM cards used by fraudulent call centers. Then it will be possible to quickly find the “source of evil” – the operators serving these call centers, and also solve the problem of fraud in instant messengers, which is now gaining momentum.

“It’s easier to just not give a loan”

Despite the different anti-fraud systems, some calls still reach citizens. At the same time, some of them still take the words of scammers on faith. And they start transferring money. And here banks also find interesting solutions that do not allow fraudsters to transfer money.

“At VTB we have implemented a unique system: when there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity, we ask the customer to connect the card via NFC to the phone,” said Igor Maitrenko, senior vice president of digital business development and partnerships at VTB.

At the same time, fraudsters not only steal citizens’ own funds, but also force them to apply for loans. T-Bank has learned to reject applications for loans granted under the influence of scammers. In fact, this is the lending chill that people are constantly talking about.

– This is much more effective than convincing a client who has already obtained a loan not to transfer money to scammers. It is easier not to give them,” says Oleg Zamiralov.

According to him, the solution is enhanced with artificial intelligence and detects 90% of phishing requests for cash loans.

Falling problem

At the same time, if online transactions can be filtered using various technological solutions, offline this is even more difficult. First of all, if a person comes to personally withdraw his money or apply for a loan, it is not always easy to understand that he is doing it for someone else.

– Currently, 85-90% of fraudulent schemes use methods of psychological influence. That is why it is very important to train employees who are in the last stage of interaction with the client, so that they can detect these cases, and involve psychologists,” says Igor Maitrenko.

Secondly, people usually come with a power.

“And when it turns out they were scammers, it’s impossible to find closure.” Because the person presented a passport and power of attorney. The staff checked it. And the man left with the money. But there are no traces left,” Vadim Uvarov complains.

Well, the third big problem is falls. These are often young people who are used as front men by scammers. You can obtain a passport and issue your own card from the age of 14. Teenagers and students are caught making easy money.

– T-Bank has launched a drop tracking system, which makes it possible to identify drops among customers even before money received through criminal means is credited to their account. From April 2023 to April 2024, as a result of system testing, the number of deregistrations in the bank was reduced by half, in total about 130 thousand accounts were limited; But it is not enough to identify and block, it is necessary to be able to not deliver to fraudsters who come to bring money to branches, says Oleg Zamiralov.

Photo: Sergey TARASOV

In addition, experts believe that serious liability should be introduced in case of drip. In particular, due to the fact of transferring the card itself to another person.

– The State Duma is discussing the idea of ​​prohibiting the transfer of personal payment cards to third parties. It is also necessary to introduce mandatory acceptance of children’s transactions by parents and provide that opportunity to older generations so that they can transfer that right to third parties,” said Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Financial Market Committee. .

In general, the experts agreed that it is necessary to exchange experiences more often. And for this process to be more technologically advanced, it is necessary to create a single center to combat telephone scammers. So this scourge may not be able to be defeated, but it will make their lives very difficult.


fraud roulette

As part of the session “Telephone fraud in Russia: the market fights back” at SPIEF, they demonstrated live how the anti-fraud roulette service works (they showed a real conversation with a fraudster)

T-Bank has developed an experimental project called Fraud Roulette. In the near future it will be available to all those who want to participate in the search for telephone scammers. According to experts, the service recently passed its first tests and has already proven that it is capable of disabling an entire call center of scammers within a month.

Its essence is that it will be possible to talk to telephone scammers in real time and absolutely safely. This is the only service in the world that has taken control of calls from scammers and learned to forward them to those who are willing to resist the attackers. The criminal will be sure that he is communicating with an unsuspecting victim who may be scammed. The goal of Fraud Roulette is not only to prevent scammers from carrying out their plans, but also to prepare for calls from scammers in everyday life.

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