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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Experts told why the Russians refuse KXan turnkey repairs 36 Daily News

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 17:50:08

Demand for services in the “repair and construction” category in the spring of this year increased by 37%, analysts from the YouDo.com portal calculated. At the top are services such as “finishing work”, “tiling work”, “windows, glazing, balconies”, “construction and installation work”, “turnkey repairs”.

Demand for repair and finishing services increased by 48% compared to the same period last year, for construction work – 32%, reports the Avito Services portal.

Demand for stretch ceiling installation services increased by 92%, for both tile installers and flooring specialists, and flooring by 70%. Contractors for insulation and insulation of premises – by 130%. The demand for installers of ventilation systems has increased throughout the country: specialists in this field are sought twice as often.

There is also an increase in the demand for services such as design and budget (+80%), masonry (+78%), foundations (+61%) and topographic works (+54%).

It should be noted that the turnkey repair subcategory in 2023 closes the top five services, although last year it ranked third most popular, YouDo.com analysts say.

The approach to repair is changing – the Russians have begun to give preference to a staged repair to a greater extent and more often order separate works instead of turnkey repairs, Avito Services experts confirm this trend. The growth dynamics of the demand for finishing works significantly exceeds the indicators in the category of turnkey apartment renovation services: the demand for finishing works grew by 69% year-on-year, for turnkey repair services, the demand dynamics was almost three times lower (+24%). “This is confirmed by the reviews of artists, which note that more and more customers are interested in renovating individual rooms,” explains Svetlana Filimonova, head of the Repair and Construction category of the Avito Services portal This approach becomes more profitable, he explains: the owner can buy materials and finance repairs in stages, which gives more flexibility in the budget.

The average cost of services in the “repair and construction” category, according to YouDo.com, this spring amounted to 18,984 rubles – 17% more than the previous year.

At the same time, the demand for finishing materials, construction equipment and sheet metal increased. According to analysts at VseInstrumenty.ru, sales of construction materials in Russia grew by 103% in May. The greatest demand is observed in Perm (+180%), Krasnodar (+159%), Yekaterinburg (+156%), Samara (+147%) and Omsk (+139%).

The demand for finishing materials increased by 127%. The main cities are Rostov-on-Don (+184%), Perm (+183%), Voronezh (+174%), Nizhny Novgorod (+174%) and Yekaterinburg (+162%). The top of the purchased finishing materials included various paints, enamel, laminate, skirting, cornices and primer.

Construction equipment sales increased by 103%, at the top: concrete mixers, mooring straps, construction tanks, moorings, tubs and supports. Novosibirsk residents increased their purchases of such goods by 267%, Omsk by 257%, Rostov-on-Don by 219%, Yekaterinburg by 214% and Chelyabinsk by 164%.

In addition, the Russians began to buy more paints and varnishes (+86%). In Krasnodar, demand increased by 152%, in Chelyabinsk – by 123%, in Kazan – by 103%, in Yekaterinburg – by 101%, and in Voronezh they began to buy more such materials by 90% .

The growth in demand for floor coverings is increasing. In general, the country – an increase of 349%. In Moscow, the demand increased by 298%, in St. Petersburg – by 284%.

A somewhat more modest increase in demand for wallpaper. In general, in Russia it grew by 22%. But, for example, in Nizhny Novgorod they began to buy more often by 243%.

The highest demand for all categories of building materials was recorded in April. Sawn timber was purchased in the largest volumes in March and February, wallpaper – in February, analysts from VseInstrumenty.ru add.

A year earlier, such activity was not observed among Russians, the portal’s press service reports. On the contrary, then 45% of those surveyed said that all work had to be suspended.

Meanwhile, according to Rosstat, construction materials are slightly more expensive (0.74% in May), but so far significantly cheaper than in May last year, 8.12%. In May, the prices of metal tiles increased 2.9%, particle boards, oriented strand boards, 2.8%, edged boards, 1.8%, packaged cement, 1, 6%, vinyl wallpapers, 0.7%. At the same time, the prices of laminate flooring fell – by 0.8%, Euroslate – by 0.2%, ceramic tiles, interior coverings and window panes – by 0.1%.

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