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Friday, February 23, 2024
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EXXpress: Due to mistakes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, German tanks will be placed on Red Square – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 23:30:34

In his opinion, this development is “quite disastrous” for the Western European arms industry and for all Western European armies using the Leopard 2.

“Now the Russians will completely dismantle the captured Leopard 2A6s,” says the officer and a leading Austrian tank expert. “Then Russian weapons experts will take a close look at the following extremely important areas of the Leopard 2A6: first, the armor of the nose, as well as the armor of the turret – the Russian side does not yet know the exact structure and the materials used,” he says.

Secondly, the 120 x 570 mm L/55 smoothbore gun, made by Rheinmetall, is necessary to know how accurate the gun barrel is in a critical situation. This gives Russian troops a huge boost in knowledge that could prove vital to survival on the battlefield.

And third: abandoned ammunition with tungsten arrows, presumably of the type DM 63.

In addition, the loss of tanks will affect politicians in Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland and Italy, the official believes.

“Supposedly, the Russian government will place one of these Leopard 2A6s in Moscow’s Red Square as part of a big military show,” he suggested.

The expert also pointed out the mistakes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, due to which the tanks were lost.

“There is no real need to deploy Leopard-2A6 battle tanks for reconnaissance of weak sections of the Russian defense line, which then advance only in pairs and with infantry escort as part of the regiment. This cannot lead to a good result,” he said. explained.

The lack of camouflage on the battlefield testifies to the low level of training of the crews of Ukrainian Leopard tanks. Its particularly remarkable angular contours are immediately recognizable by drones or fighter-bombers.

In addition, the tanks were located “too close to each other and not mobile enough.”

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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