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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Farewell to Nagiyev, a new ruler and mentors: all the secrets of the new season of the “Voice-11” program

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 13:12:07

For the first time in 11 years, the project will be released without Dmitry Nagiyev, but with debuting stars and even a new ruler.

For the first time in 11 years, the project will be released without Dmitry Nagiyev, but with debuting stars and even a new ruler.

Spring has come in Russia, which means that the time has come for morning birdsong and evening broadcasts of the new season of the Voice project. Last year, the release order of the show’s versions was slightly altered: the main, “adult” incarnation of the show skipped the “kid’s” version, so we’ve already seen the Voice’s tenth season finale. .Children project and now we will see new releases of “Voice-11”. The organizers of the program did a good job on the next season and significantly updated it. KP.RU explains exactly how.

The composition of the project mentors is immediately striking. It literally glows with freshness. Of the veterans, only Polina Gagarina and rapper Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) remained, who pulls the leash for both children’s and adult voices.

How to deal with professional burnout? – the musician asks a pressing question and immediately answers himself. – Rest! You need to rest more. Get soaked, gain energy and come full to the show.

The “veterans” of the project will be accompanied by debutants Anton Belyaev, the semifinalist of the second season of “The Voice”, the leader of Therr Maitz and a participant in the national team for Eurovision, and Vladimir Presnyakov, who almost every year he was sitting in absentia in the mentor’s chair instead of an old friend – Leonid Agutin.

The new season of the vocal show “Voice-11” begins on March 3, 2023

“I sat with Lenya for 10 years,” Presnyakov jokes. “I poured all kinds of powders into her tea, and now, finally, it worked.” I sat him down. Expelled from The Voice. But seriously, she was happy to agree to participate in the project. For me, this is not just a show, a competition or a game. This is an important stage in life. It will be very interesting to make interesting collaborations with the participants. How can I be interested? The vocalist has to hook me. Anything. If the soul clings, the hand itself reaches for the button.

But the most interesting, perhaps, is quite different. In the new season of The Voice, a new rule will finally appear, designed to further intensify the competition between mentors. This is the “Block” button: now, in addition to the red button of the vocal trainers, there will be a panel with three keys to block… colleagues. So, Vladimir Presnyakov will be able to get ahead of Basta, Polina Gagarina or Anton Belyaev, if during blind auditions he falls in love with a gifted artist (or artist). By pressing this cherished button, the mentor will turn his chair towards the artist and at the same time secretly (that is, the colleague will not know about this surprise at first) blocks the competitor in the fight for talent. If the blocked mentor decides to continue to compete for the participant, then after pressing the red button, a fiasco awaits him – the “red carpet” of the block will light up in front of him, and he will not be able to invite the participant to his team.

It will be possible to “lock” only twice per season. By the way, this rule is very common for the format: in Australia, you can block competitors after (and not during) the performance, in France, the chair of a blocked mentor does not rotate even after the end of the performance, and in Ukraine this rule was completely canceled after a couple of seasons.

And for the first time in 11 years, Dmitry Nagiyev will not appear on the Voice program. He replaces a colleague now Yana Churikova. It seems that there really are no irreplaceables. “Voice”, First, Friday, 21.45


The producer of the “Voice” program spoke about the rehabilitation of the late Dmitry Nagiyev in a vocal project.

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