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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Feijóo wants to respond to the “separatist challenge” also from Justice

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 20:35:00

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the Popular Party (PP), has called on the members of his party to respond to the “separatist challenge” of the pro-independence parties in the face of the concessions that his inauguration could make.

Before the National Board of Directors of his party and coinciding with the Diada, the Day of Catalonia, Feijóo has warned that Junts “has marked Sánchez’s footsteps” and ERC has upped the ante by requesting a self-determination referendum because the independence movement “more decisive” is the one who “humiliates the State the most.

The leader of the PP fears that the general secretary of the PSOE will say yes to those who ask for “the humiliation of our country” because in his opinion “he has said yes to everything when they previously asked for it.”

For this reason, he has appealed to his people to whom he has said that “the response to the separatist challenge is not and cannot be a mere dialectical confrontation between Genoa and Ferraz” but that “the responsibility to respond is collective and will have to be assumed by all democratic bodies.”

Feijóo proposes “using all the democratic instruments that the polls” have put at their “reach”: “the strength of being the first group in Congress, the absolute majority in the Senate, the regional and municipal governments, and deputations and also, If necessary, the judicial route”.

He argues that the Spanish have not given their “consent” to Spain ceasing to be a nation of “free and equal citizens”, and therefore to the amnesty or self-determination requested by the independence movement.

The PP will take initiatives to all institutions in defense of equality and, Feijóo has warned, no politician, councillor, regional parliamentarian, deputy or senator will be able to “hide their opinion” and must “decide in favor of the unity of all peoples of Spain or in favor of the rupture” and of the “privileges to specific independentist politicians”.

After a week marked by internal noise, the reversal of his intention to speak with JxCat or the allusion to seeking a “fit” for the problem of Catalonia, Feijóo has argued that the PP maintains, unlike the PSOE, its principles , before and after the elections and in the opposition or from the Government and it is a state and “constitutionalist” party that can be trusted.

On the other hand, he has described it as a “socialist fallacy” to say that the investiture depends on the independentists since he considers that “Puigdemont has a voice and vote because that is what the PSOE wants, distancing itself from the national and constitutionalist option.”

“a few independentista deputies” who want to respond to that constitutional 155 with an “unconstitutional 155”.

“It is not acceptable,” he denounced, that the PSOE is trying to “control the TC” to dispute a scandal in Madrid – they ask for a review of the null votes -, to use Congress in a “fraudulent manner” to finance the independence movement by allowing ERC and JxCat have their own group nor does a vice president -Yolanda Díaz- meet with a person wanted by justice, former president Puigdemont.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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