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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Fierce smog, a lot of vodka and gopniks, bears at the airport – how Russia is shown in the cartoons “The Simpsons”, “South Park”, “Family Guy” and others

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:05:10

In the tenth season of the animated series about yellow men, the features of the Russian economy were struck.

“KP” has already written more than once about the comic moves of Hollywood casting directors who take on black artists for the roles of Russian peasants. This is the rare case where ours show up in a non-trivial way. Usually, everything related to Russia is a fierce and shameless blueberry. Moreover, not only in movies and TV shows, but also in cartoons. In our review there are some of the brightest examples when the writers and animators of the most successful Hollywood projects did not care much about the image of the Russians. Or vice versa: they used propaganda clichés for a reason.

“The Simpsons”

In the tenth season of the animated series about yellow men, the peculiarities of the Russian economy were played out (who, if not the Americans, should be deeply immersed in the topic, remember Andrei Shleifer and Jonathan Hay, Chubais’s “consultants”) in the CIA 90s): the ruble exchange rate jumps online directly to the speech of the Russian representative at the summit. Suppose all states are subject to default values. What about the street?

In the ninth season of the project, little Lisa went to the museum alone, got lost, and ended up in Springfield’s Russian Quarter. There men in caps and mustaches play chess on top of a wooden barrel, a church-domed phone booth, a fetid fringe market selling spades, and a roller-skating bear vendor. In another series dedicated to the Vancouver Olympics, Bart receives a Russian badge with a certain “Zhirnov” – a symbol of “Russian laziness and alcoholism.” In Homer, on the alotester in one of the bars, the maximum degree of intoxication was recorded – “Yeltsin”.

“American Dad”

In the 9th season of “American Dad”, they finally showed a typical Russian musical ensemble: apart from the gusli, balalaika and accordion, according to the Americans, there are no instruments in Russia. According to the plot, the alien Roger, who was dragged from work by his father, a CIA agent, the girl Hayley and the talking fish Klaus create the first Russian trio in the USA, Balalaika Langley Falls.

The spirit of Karl Marx, which they so desperately tried to fight during the Cold War, does not get out of their heads, and the spirit of Karl Marx is terrible. In the third season of AP, a certain Russian alcoholic remembers how he got into a cult (communists, of course). His mind was enslaved, his wife finally left for another, and his son, what a horror! – became a businessman.

“South Park”

The satirical animated series “South Park”, where politics is ridiculed a little more often than everything else, could not make it through Russia either. In one of the season 11 episodes, he is afraid of a Muslim classmate, because he suspects that he is involved in terrorism. Starting his own investigation, the hero gets to the bottom of a terrible secret: the villain Vladimir with a typical Russian surname Stolfsky is preparing an attack on Hillary Clinton … Well, who but us?

In the 25th season of the project, they even showed an episode called “Back to the Cold War”, where the school psychologist Mr. Maki conducts exercises with children in case of a “Russian nuclear attack” and is going to show them the action movie. of blueberries “Red Dawn”. True, later it turns out that the “psychologist” actually hit his head, and the echo of the cold war is only personal nostalgia for him.

Family man

Recently, “KP” wrote about how the Griffin heroes ended up in Chelyabinsk. There, in a smoggy ghost town, Meg wanders between endless darkness and factory smokestacks. An onion peddler (!) is drunk at nine in the morning. And every 10 steps, an American meets gopniks or criminals warming themselves by barrels of fire or squatting in front of vodka bottles.

“I love” Russia “Family Guy” for a long time. The cartoon has already shown how children in Russia play with wooden toys nailed to the floor, drink wolf’s milk (!) in a house somewhere on the edge of Siberia and watch party-approved cartoons. At the airport, the heroes of the animated series are met by bears on unicycle circus bikes, as in Chukovsky’s poem, and military men in Soviet uniforms threaten everything that moves with machine guns.

American scriptwriters couldn’t help but reflect on the envy of the launch and triumphant return of the Soviet dogs Belka and Strelka into space in 1960. In one of the Family Guy episodes, they showed how it really happened: the Russians launched a dog into space, without know how to return it. As a result, he ended up on the Planet of Dogs and vowed to come back and bite everyone for the mocking experiment.

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